Hydropool Swim Spas

A Swim Spa from Hydropool has all the benefits of a pool with the added luxuries of a spa or hot tub.

Plus swim spas cost less to operate than traditional pools and take less space & less maintenance! Our Swim Spas are Self-cleaning meaning they clean 100% of the water every 45 minutes. So instead of worrying about maintenance & cleaning you will have more time in the swim spa to relax or exercise!

The ultimate backyard aquatic center, for fun and fitness.

  • Open water swimming experience
  • Cross-training tethered swim
  • Tethered aquatic jogging and training
  • Family fun pool
  • Aquatic fun and wave pool
  • Aquatic Universal Gym
  • Aquatic Step and Rowing Machine
AquaSport Model Family Image

AquaSport Model

The AquaSport Swim Spa has the exercise benefits of the AquaTrainer but at a more affordable price. This swim spa features Hydrotherapy massage seats, plus you can use the AquaCord swim-in-place harness with the swim jets for swimming resistance!
AquaTrainer Model Family Image

AquaTrainer Model

The AquaTrainer Swim Spa is a like a pool, hot tub and aquatic gym all-in-one! With variable resistance, an adjustable current stream for the ultimate exercise, it also includes the thigh/abductor jets for a lower body massage plus two multi-hydrotherapy massage seats!