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10 Steps on Installing a Hot Tub

10 Steps on Installing a Hot Tub

Planning on installing a hot tub yourself or with contractors involved? Regardless if this is a DIY hot tub installation or a custom job done by contractors, it’s a good idea to understand how hot tubs are installed. This way, you can put together a solid plan on how you want your hot tub to be installed. Maybe you’re considering installing a hot tub in a deck. Or, maybe you want to install one on your rooftop (yes, it can be done!). Let’s go over our top ten steps on installing a hot tub.


1.) Choose a Hot Tub Location

  • A VERY important decision when planning to install a hot tub is deciding where to put your hot tub. Not too far, make sure there’s some privacy, and make sure your town permits this location. Check out more in our article Hot Tub Location Ideas.

2.) Plan Electrical Connection

  • After choosing your location, it’s important to plan the electrical connection for your hot tub with a licensed electrician. Some plug n play hot tubs have cords that are only 15 feet long. Other hot tubs require hard wiring & you may want to consider hiding the wiring underground for a custom look. Make sure to thoroughly plan this part of installing a hot tub so you get exactly what you need and want for your backyard oasis.

3.) Prepare a Hot Tub Base

  • Now that you’ve chosen the location & planned the electrical connection, it’s time to prepare your hot tub base. There are a few different hot tub bases to choose from. You can refer to our Hot Tub Location Ideas article for more information on this. Don’t forget to incorperate room for your step & your cover lifter when preparing your hot tub base. This is one of the most common mistakes people make when preparing their hot tub base.

4.) Plan Hot Tub Delivery Route

  • We have to make sure your hot tub can actually make it in your backyard. Find the route from your driveway to your hot tub location. Measure all gate openings, side walks, door openings, and masonry walls to ensure your hot tub will fit through this route. We recommend finding the height dimension of your hot tub & add 2-4″ for wiggle room. If obstacles inhibit you from a ground delivery, you may need to consider a crane delivery. This may sound a little intimidating, however, it’s actually pretty quick and easy!

5.) Place Hot Tub on Base

  • If you purchase from a local hot tub store, most likely they’ll be the ones delivering your hot tub to you. Have them place the hot tub on the base you’ve prepared & position it properly before they leave. Hot tubs are very heavy and can’t easily be adjusted alone. If you’re delivering the hot tub, make sure you have the right tools. You can view our article on Moving A Hot Tub for more details.

6.) Install Electric If Needed

  • Plug N Play hot tubs are easy, simply plug them into your outdoor outlet. If you have a hot tub that requires hardwiring, we recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install the electric. Everything should already be planned out as per step 2. So, this should be relatively easy for your electrician.

7.) Fill Hot Tub

  • After the electrical connection is made, it’s time to fill your hot tub! Make sure to fill through the filtration compartment to avoid any air lock issues. After filling, power on your hot tub and test all the pumps, heaters, and lighting.

8.) Set Up Chemicals Properly

  • It’s very important to set your chemicals up properly the first time to avoid any major issues in the future. If you purchased from a local dealer, they should be able to guide you through this process step by step. If not, follow the owners manual on start up instructions.

9.) Review Owners Manual for Maintenance Tips

  • Although this step isn’t something anyone looks forward to, it’s important to understand all the functions of your hot tub. You want to make sure you know how your filtration works, weekly chemical keep up, maintenance, and troubleshooting options. You can also view our article on Hot Tub Maintenance FAQ’s for more hot tub tips.

10.) Relax & Enjoy!

  • This part’s easy (sometimes). Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beginning of your hot tubbing journey. Need tips on how to relax in your hot tub? Follow us on social media for weekly tips & hot tub motivation.

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