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Hot Tub Trade-Ins

Do you have Hot Tub Envy? Are you ready to elevate your hot tubbing experience?

Trade in and trade up to a new Hot Spring or Caldera hot tub with the latest features and technology! Picture yourself immersed in the soothing soft water with our newest salt water system, enjoying energy-efficient heating, and controlling your spa with just a tap on your smartphone. Our trade-in program makes it easier than ever to part ways with your old tub and step into the future of relaxation. Discover the joy of pristine water quality, customizable jets, and smart controls that put relaxation at your fingertips. Don’t settle for less when you can have more. Make the upgrade today and experience the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and wellness with a brand-new hot tub. Your oasis of relaxation awaits! 💦🌟


A few of the great benefits of trading up:


New Design
New, modern design with upgraded features like interior and exterior lighting controlled separately. New color options to satisfy the aesthetic you’re looking for in your backyard. New models to choose from whether you’re upgrading in size or down sizing!


New Warranty
Has your warranty expired on your hot tub? Trading in your hot tub will set you up with a brand new full warranty along with a new cover and accessories!


Salt Water Hot Tub Option
Our new and improved salt water system is the easiest water care system in the industry. Our salt water system brings a natural approach to water care with a reduced need for added chemicals. Plus, your skin & hair will thank you.


New Massages
Depending on how old your hot tub is, Hot Spring & Caldera Spas have reinvented some of their massage options to bring you the best in hydrotherapy. Don’t believe us? Try them for yourself – bring in a suit and test out our best hot tubs!



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