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Hot Tub Trade-Ins

Why it’s popular..

Do you have Hot Tub Envy? Don’t give up on your hot tub, Trade UP!

How is your Hot Tub Holding Up? It’s been a few years since you first purchased your hot tub. We know they are built to last, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself a little and Trade up! Sometimes our customers want to move to a smaller model with more features – now that the kids are out of the house. Sometimes they may need a larger model because the kids have grown and “family time” is a bit tight. Every year, Hot Springs develops more amazing water, therapy and lighting features (this year in partnership with BMW) in their new hot tub models and every year, we get hundreds of our satisfied previous customers trading in their older hot tubs for a newer model…with a few more bells and whistles. You work hard, you deserve to have the best.


A few of the great benefits of trading up:


Surprisingly Sleek
New, modern curves & features crafted by “Best in the Business” consultants from BMW The exclusive floating effect and other design details make the NXT spas dramatically different from the traditional hot tub designs of the past. NXT spas offer advanced features and unmatched quality to make owning and enjoying them easy.


New light cover
Time and weather take a toll on Vinyl Hot Tub covers. Trade Up and replace your hot tub and get a brand new cover to match! You can even choose to upgrade your upgrade and get one of our new Smart Top hard covers.


Salt Water Options for Jersyans
Very popular in Jersey, the new Salt Water systems give your Hot Tub more moisturizing water with less overall maintenance – and even softer skin!


Mood Setting Lights
Four Different Unique Lighting systems are available allowing you to customize your soaking environment to illuminate and accentuate your hot tub interior!


Bluetooth music systems
Enjoy entertainment wirelessly as you wind down in your spa, by streaming music live or listening to your own music library from your Bluetooth®enabled device.


Enhanced jet technology & therapy functions
Hot Spring Spas revolutionized the spa industry with the innovative, moving jet called the Moto-Massage® DX Jet. It’s so comfortable; you’ll enjoy resting against it for an extended, invigorating massage. Imagine two warm streams of water sweeping up and down the entire length of your back, soothing overworked muscles and loosening all the little knots of tension. A Hot Spring Spa exclusive.