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15 Reasons Why Your Hot Tubs Good For You

The benefits of hot tubbing truly are endless. From physical pain relief, mental stress relief, to just flat out feeling good – there are so many reasons your hot tub’s good for you. Just like anything else, making hot tubbing a habit is key in feeling good every day. Below are our top 15 reasons your hot tubs good for you.


15 Reasons A Hot Tubs Good For You

1.) Decrease Stress

The soothing white noise effect of the jets, sinking into warm water, and putting aside all the distractions from the day. There’s a reason we all say “Ahhhh” when we get into our hot tubs. Hot tubbing can help decrease the stresses of the day by giving yourself a moment of true relaxation. Drown out the noise of the crazy day & enjoy peace.

2.) Sleep Better

Yes, we’re serious! According to a study conducted by New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, hot tubbing for 20-30 minutes 2 hours before bed can actually help you sleep deeper and longer. Adding a hydrotherapeutic massage into the mix can also relax you more getting your body ready for sleep.

3.) Increase Blood Flow

Hot tubbing can actually help increase your blood flow by opening your blood vessels. According to an article written by Jamé Heskett M.D.the founder of The Wellpath anti-aging clinic on Madison Ave in NYC, “Warm or hot water opens up blood vessels promoting circulation and increased blood flow.”

4.) Decrease Joint Pain

Buoyancy, what a blessing for our joints! Allowing your body to become buoyant daily helps take the weight off your joints and give them a break. This break allows your joints to heal & can even decrease inflammation.

5.) Date Night!

A hot tubs not only good for your body, but also great for your relationships. Maybe you have a hard time finding time for each other because of your busy schedules. Put down the TV remote & decide to have your date night in the hot tub instead. This will allow you to reconnect with each other in a distraction free zone. Warm water really does wonders for opening up.

6.) Connect With Family

One thing we hear more often than not is how much closer families become when they hot tub together. Hot tubbing is well known for it’s “womb effect” which brings us feelings of safety and comfort. This safe feeling environment often allows us to open up about things that maybe we wouldn’t feel so comfortable doing at the dinner table. Something about being outside also helps ground us. So, get the family together and jump in the hot tub after dinner. The added bonus is the kids will sleep better, too!

7.) Supports Immune System

As we discussed before, hot tubbing regularly can help reduce stress. Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, and yes, even our immune systems! By getting in your hot tub everyday, you can help reduce your stress levels & help your body live happy and healthy everyday.

8.) Muscle Relaxation

One of the main reasons a hot tubs good for you is muscle relaxation. Hydrotherapy does wonders for your body, especially for your muscles. Warm water combined with massage helps relax any tension in your muscles making you move easier throughout your day. You can also warm your muscles up before exercising to avoid injury!

9.) At Home Spa Day!

Don’t have time to book a spa day, or maybe you wish you had a spa at your home to relax in everyday. A hot tub at home is the perfect solution for that. Self care is something we could all use in our lives to help us live our best self everyday. Grab your favorite robe, a beverage of your choice, some relaxing music & let the warm water & steam relax you from head to toe! Don’t forget to put on a nice face mask after getting out!

10.) Natural Detox

Sweating is the most natural way to detox your body. Sitting in a hot tub for 20-30 minutes will definitely have you working up a little sweat & start to detoxify your body, especially your skin.

11.) Boost Metabolism

Hot tubbing daily won’t help you burn calories, however, it does help stimulate your metabolism. The increased circulation & heat helps “wake up” your metabolism and give it a little boost.

12.) Increase Mental Clarity

Turning off the distractions around your for 15-30 minutes a day can give you time to reflect, organize your thoughts, and get a head start on your day’s game plan. Hot tubbing daily can help give you that dedicated time to sit, relax, and reflect in a comfortable environment.

13.) Reconnect With Nature

In the winter months, it’s sometimes hard to take that time to reconnect with nature. Connecting with nature can help increase your energy levels, decrease stress levels, and make you “feel more alive” according to One Green Planet.

14.) Reconnect With Yourself

According to Dr. Lindsey Elmore, taking a moment to yourself can help you regulate your emotions, decrease stress and anxiety, and can help you react to life more positively. Just another reason why a hot tubs good for you mentally & emotionally.

15.) Live Your Best, Everyday

Feeling good mentally, physically, and emotionally everyday would be a persons dream & maybe their solution to living a happy life. This may not be realistic every single day, but why not try to take steps towards a better day, everyday? Hot tubbing every day can help your mind and body feel better ultimately helping you live your best, everyday!

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