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6 Backyard Ideas for Swim Spa Installations

Deciding how you want to incorporate your swim spa into your backyard can sometimes be a challenge. Should you leave the swim spa totally freestanding in the backyard? Or, create a backyard getaway surrounding? There are so many backyard ideas for swim spa installations, the possibilities are truly endless. If you choose to create a custom swim spa installation, it’s a good idea to consider looking at quality brands such as Endless Pools Swim Spas to make sure you only have to do this project once! Below are 6 general swim spa installation ideas. These ideas are a great starting point to understand exactly how you want to incorporate your swim spa into your backyard. Get creative with it, after all this is a year round hangout for your home!

6 Backyard Ideas for Swim Spa Installations


1.) Freestanding: If you want to keep the installation inexpensive, keeping your swim spa freestanding is a great option. The only thing you’ll need is an approved base to set the swim spa on & a set of steps for accessibility. Over time, you can continue to add to your freestanding swim spa to make it beautiful. Add landscaping, large steps, masonry, and even fencing.


2.) Up Against Your Deck: If you have an existing deck, this is a great backyard idea for a swim spa installation! Install an approved base (usually concrete) to have the swim spa installed up against the outside of your deck. Remove the deck railings (if there are any) or keep the railings & add in a gate for safety. This makes accessibility easy! If you don’t have a deck and you’re starting from scratch, installing a deck with steps leading UP to the swim spa is also a great idea and aesthetically beautiful!


3.) Wrap Around Deck: For a more custom installation, some customers choose to build a deck around their swim spa. In order to complete a project like this, it’s always best to have the approved swim spa base installed. Then, have the swim spa delivered & installed. Finally, build your deck around the swim spa. This gives you a very custom look & also makes the delivery of the swim spa easier. There are so many ways to create a beautiful swim spa installation with a wrap around deck, the possibilities are endless!


4.) Wrap Around Masonry: Similar to a wrap around deck, a stone or concrete wrap around is a beautiful custom option. Although costly, this backyard idea for swim spa installations is a great way to transform your backyard. Sometimes with a wrap around of this type, your swim spa will need to be installed after the construction is complete. It’s a good idea to plan this with your local hot tub store along side your contractor.

halfway sunken into deck swim spa installation

5.) Half way sunken in: If the height of a swim spa is too large for the aesthetic you’re going for, you may want to consider sinking your swim spa halfway. Just make sure your contractor accounts for drainage as excess water in the fabricated concrete vessel can cause long term damage to a swim spa.


6.) Pergola Installation: This idea can be incorporated into any swim spa installation design. There are so many pergola options that can provide shelter from sun and rain or just purely for aesthetics. Pergolas can be custom built by contractors or ordered online and assembled at home!


To see more backyard ideas for swim spa installations, visit our recent projects page where we feature our favorite hot tub and swim spa installations! Questions? Comment below!

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