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Benefits of Hot Tub in Morning

Benefits of Hot Tub in Morning

When we think of hot tubbing, most of us direct our minds to relaxing underneath a starlit sky at the end of a long work day. Very rarely do we envision waking up with our hot tub in the morning. However, hot tubbing in the morning has it’s life changing benefits, too! Starting your day off in warm water is a sure way to set the tone for the day. So, what are the benefits of getting in our hot tub in the morning? Let’s dive in!

Start your day with clarity

Taking 15 minutes out of your day to truly disconnect from technology and relax your mind is a great way to find clarity first thing in the morning. Maybe you have a big meeting that you need to mentally prepare for. Or, maybe you have a day filled with being the ultimate mom or dad. Regardless of what challenges or events your day holds, spending those 15 minutes of quality time with yourself can help you start the day with some clarity. You’ll be able to think clearly, work more efficiently, and with practice – be more present with loved ones.

Enhance the effects of caffeine

When you immerse your body in warm water, your blood circulation actually can increase by 120%! This means getting more oxygen to your limbs and your brain. When you drink coffee, caffeine enters your bloodstream within 15 minutes after your first sip. When you combined that with an increase in blood circulation, you may get to experience a little extra caffeine boost. So, that meeting that we were talking about before? Get your energy levels up for motivation!

Warm up your muscles for your morning workout

If you’re a morning gym person, starting your day in your hot tub can really change the way you feel before hitting the gym. Remember the increase in blood circulation we talked about before? This increase can help you perform better in the gym. Warming your muscles up before working out can also decrease the chance of injury & help get you motivated for your workout.

Increase Mobility With Morning Hot Tub Yoga

Whether you’re an experienced Yogi or you’ve never tried Yoga in your life, hot tub yoga is a great way to start your day with a healthy mind and body. For beginners, this is a great first step in a yoga experience. Being in warm water allows your body to be more flexible giving you a deeper stretch. Also, you’re able to try these hot tub yoga poses in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Set your intentions for the day

For those of you who are trying to find a little more meaning in each day, set intentions each day in the morning. Maybe you want to make it a point to listen more instead of talking over your co-workers. Or, maybe you want to spend the day helping friends accomplish their goals. Your intention can also be something as simple as genuinely complimenting 5 people you speak with. Practicing this can help fill your day with more meaningful experiences and can even help you accomplish more with your day.


The most important part about hot tubbing in the morning, is creating the habit. Although you will notice instant positive results, making it a habit to hot tub in the morning will change your life in the long term. You may start to notice your body feeling better throughout the day, you’re able to think more clearly, and you perform better in your daily activities and tasks. So, give it a try! Take 15 minutes each morning with your hot cup of tea or coffee and try this new journey of hot tubbing in the morning! Are you a morning hot tubber? Comment below with your favorite reason to hot tub in the morning!

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