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Best Hot Tub Brands

The best hot tub brands aren’t always the most obvious ones. With the amount of products on the market today, including in the hot tub industry, it’s sometimes are to distinguish who is actually the best. That also depends on what you define as “the best” hot tub brand. Let’s dive in to the details to help you find the best hot tub brands on the market.


What Makes Hot Tub Brands “The Best”

This can vary from person to person, we’re going to speak from experience here. We’ve sold several brands of hot tubs since the start of our business in 1998 so we’ve had a pretty good taste for what makes hot tub brands “the best”.

1.) Years In The Industry

How long has this manufacturer or brand been around for? Are they brand new, or have they had some experience in the industry to work out the kinks in their processes? Purchasing from a brand that is very new in the industry (10 years or less) is a risk because they haven’t had time to really test their products out in real life. However, this is one small factor to consider in the grand scheme. Generally speaking, you want a hot tub brand that’s been around long enough to establish themselves.

2.) Industry Position

How does this brand position themselves in the hot tub market? Are they marketed as the cheapest hot tub money can buy? Are they marketed as the best experience? Or, are they marketed as the “flashiest” hot tub? Or, is it some random pop up Instagram ad brand? Paying attention to the brand message can tell you a lot about the type of experience YOU will have with the brand. If it’s the cheapest hot tub, chances are it’s not going to be the best experience. If it’s the best experience, it’s certainly not going to be the cheapest.

3.) Hot Tub Dealership Network

Does the brand that you’re shopping have local hot tub dealerships? Dealerships are physical stores that display, sell, and service the manufacturers goods. Or, do they sell strictly online? What’s the better experience? With a local dealership, you have the support of that local business to help you through the shopping, purchasing, and ownership experience. With strictly online manufacturers, you don’t get that one on one experience & help every step of the way. This can leave you figuring out A LOT on your own.

4.) Customer Service

What is the customer service reputation for the manufacturer & the local dealer if there is one? Are they known for putting their customers first? Or, are there a lot of complaints online about how they treat their customers. Checking out Google Reviews & real customer product reviews are a great way to judge what their customer service is like. Great brands will go out of their way to help their customers if any issues arise, provide guidance when needed, and show the customers that they hold value to their business.

5.) Transparency Online

Does the hot tub brand you’re looking at have a plethora of information for their shoppers & hot tub owners? Can you view the details of their warranty? Do they have price ranges on their hot tubs? Or, do they just have basic hot tub photos, specs, and descriptions? The more valuable information the site has, the more transparent they are with their product & services, it usually means they care a bit more about their customers experience.

6.) Hot Tub Specialized

Some hot tub manufacturers are solely focused on creating hot tubs & swim spas, and others also make medicine cabinets. When a manufacturer’s sole focus is on one product, it allows them to put all of their time, resources, and money into making the absolute best hot tub money can buy. After all, if they don’t, they’re not going to be in business very long. This also allows the company to dedicate time to innovating new products and features for hot tubs to improve the overall hot tubbing experience.


The Brands We Believe In That Check Every Mark

As a hot tub dealership since 1998, we have seen & serviced a myriad of hot tub brands. Over the years, we’ve carefully chosen hot tub brands that check off every mark on this list. Below are the brands we have worked with for a very long time & we truly believe in their mission & vision as a company. And, we can say with confidence that they have our customers backs at every step of the ownership experience.

Hot Spring Spas

Caldera Spas

Fantasy Spas

Endless Pools Swim Spas

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