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Best Hot Tubs For Small Backyards

The benefits of hot tubbing have been long proven to help you live a better you everyday. The size of your backyard shouldn’t stop you from becoming one of the millions of hot tubbers worldwide. With the exception of some homes that really lack a backyard at all, most homes with small backyards can accommodate a hot tub! Whether your hot tub needs to be delivered through your home, with a crane, or maneuvered around obstacles – it can (most of the time) be done! If you’re looking for a hot tub for your small backyard, some models are better than others. There are models that fit well in corners, on small decks, or small concrete slabs. So, let’s get to it & show you the best hot tubs for small backyards!

At the end of this article, you’ll also find tips on shopping for the best hot tubs for small backyards.

Top 8 Best Hot Tubs for Small Backyards

best hot tubs for small backyards #1 hot spring tx

1.) Hot Spring Hot Spot TX

The Hot Spring Hot Spot TX is the perfect option for small backyards that have very little extra space. This hot tub fits perfectly into a small corner! Electrical requirements for this hot tub are easy as well being its a 115V plug in unit. The TX is made by Hot Spring Spas, known for their quality, unparalleled customer service, and beautiful design. This hot tub definitely makes our #1 spot for best hot tubs for small backyards!

best hot tubs for small backyards #2 caldera celio

2.) Caldera Vacanza Celio

The Caldera Celio hot tub is a great option for folks with small backyards with a little more wiggle room. Sitting at 7′ x 5’5″, this hot tub is perfect if you have a little extra room on a patio or back deck to add a hot tub. Also a 115V, the set up for this hot tub is very easy. As long as you have a base that’s strong enough to hold it, you don’t need to do much else to get this hot tub up and running!

best hot tubs for small backyards #3 free flow mini

3.) FreeFlow Mini

One of our favorite small Plug N Play hot tubs, the Free Flow Mini! This hot tub fits in very tight spaces for very small backyards! It’s a bit bigger than a hot tub sitting at 6′ x 3’11”. Unlike a bathtub, this hot tub stays hot all year long and you’re able to enjoy the outdoors while staying toasty warm! Despite the size of this hot tub, the jets still pack power to give you a deep tissue massage.

best hot tubs for small backyards #4 hot spring jetsetter lx

4.) Hot Spring High Life JetsetterLX

If you’re looking for a luxury soak in your small (but beautiful) backyard, you may want to add the Jetsetter LX to your shopping list. Why? Well, this hot tub has all the features of a large luxury hot tub in a smaller footprint of just 7′ x 5’5″. Salt water compatible, 100% filtration, wireless control panel, industrial insulation, interior & exterior lighting, exclusive Moto-Massage, and a beautiful modern design. The LX version of the Jetsetter offers a few more jets & a little more depth to sit comfortably. This hot tub, made by Hot Spring Spas, also carries a 5 year full coverage warranty – something that’s really important to look for when shopping for a hot tub!


best hot tubs for small backyards #5 hot spring beam

5.) Hot Spring LimeLight Beam

The LimeLight Beam hot tub is a little bit of a larger “small” hot tub at 6’8″ x 6’8″. A perfect option if you’re willing to take up more space in your small backyard for a hot tub. Maybe your avid hot tubbers & that’s what’s important to you or you’re looking to add some fun to your backyard. Featured in the premium line of Hot Spring hot tubs, the Beam is salt water compatible, interior and exterior lighting, easy LED control panel, powerful adjustable jets, 2 oversized filters for optimal filtration, full foam “FiberCor” insulation, and a 5 year full coverage warranty!


best hot tubs for small backyards #6 hot spring sx

6.) Hot Spring Hot Spot SX

Perhaps one of our more popular value-based small hot tubs, the Hot Spring SX is a great option for folks who want to add a hot tub to their small backyard! Sitting at 6′ x 6’5″, this hot tub takes up a small amount of space in a backyard and can accommodate 2-3 adults. It’s a beautiful option for families, homes who are the entertainment spot, or for empty nesters who want a little more room in their small hot tub! The SX is very simple on design & features but doesn’t lack in quality with a name like Hot Spring!

best hot tub for small backyards #7 hot spring prodigy

7.) HotSpring High Life Prodigy

We chose to show this one last because “technically” it’s a midsized hot tub! However, if your small backyard can accommodate a 6’6″ x 7′ hot tub – you should definitely add the Prodigy to your list. This would be the ultimate “smaller” hot tub option for small backyards! The Prodigy hot tub is very roomy, has various massages throughout, wireless controls, 100% filtration, industrial insulation, and a 5 year warranty. It really is the absolute best experience for a smaller hot tub!


Shopping Tips!

1.) Location: Before you start shopping, take a moment to evaluate your backyard and think about the best location for your hot tub. Is it next to your backdoor? Is the best spot in a small corner out of the way? Does privacy matter to you? What type of base is there right now (grass, dirt, pavers, concrete etc.)?

2.) Figuring out size: Once you figure out where you want your hot tub, use painters tape to map out a hot tub in your backyard. This will help you understand how large or small of a hot tub you can fit in that area of your small backyard. A great way to start your hot tub shopping experience!

3.) 220V or 110V?: In order to better understand what kind of hot tub you can purchase for your small backyard, it’s a good idea to know how much voltage you have available on your electrical panel. So, take a look at your electrical panel before heading to your local hot tub dealer & take a photo! They’ll help you understand how much voltage you have available.

4.) Access to your small backyard: What is the access like? Is there a clear pathway to your backyard that’s atleast 34″ wide? If not, don’t quit just yet. We’re delivered hot tubs through homes and actually above homes with cranes. So, if you don’t have a clear pathway, take a lot of photos of your front yard, backyard, and entryway to your home & your backyard. A wellness consultant will be able to help you understand if a delivery is possible.

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