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Best Hot Tubs of 2022 – Top 6 Best Hot Tubs

We’re back this year with our list of Best Hot Tubs of 2022! What a crazy couple of year’s it has been for all of us. The hot tub industry has been booming & it seems interest in entering a hot tubbing lifestyle is continuing to grow! Today, like with many products on the market, there are what seems to be endless hot tub brands to choose from. Within those hot tub brands, there are endless models to choose from! This guide is to help you see at first glance the best selling hot tubs of 2022 so far!

The Best Hot Tubs of 2022

Best Luxury Hot Tub of 2022: Caldera Cantabria

Caldera’s Cantabria hot tub featured in their Utopia series is a winner for Best Luxury Hot Tub yet again! This year, the Caldera Cantabria has a new exterior design that we absolutely LOVE. Experience the luxury of salt water, truly powerful massages (totally adjustable), luxuriously comfortable seating, and enough space for everyone to enjoy & relax. You really won’t understand the luxury of this hot tub until you sit in one, with or without water.


Best Affordable Hot Tub of 2022: Hot Spring Rhythm

In 2022, we have a new winner for the best affordable hot tub. Our Hot Spring Rhythm featured in Hot Springs Hot Spot series offers a luxury hot tub experience at a price most folks can afford. Comfortable seating, easy water care, quality engineering, energy efficient, and a beautiful design – without all the added bells and whistles. A simplified version of a Hot Spring Hot Tub & a price tag that will make your wallet happy. Reap the benefits of owning a Hot Spring Spa with world class customer service & overall best ownership experience from dealer level to manufacturer level.


best plug n play hot tub of 2021 free flow monterey premier

Best Plug N Play Hot Tub of 2022: Free Flow Excursion Premier

For 2022, the best plug and play hot tub winner is hands down the Free Flow Excursion Premier. These hot tubs are manufactured by the makers of Hot Spring & Caldera Spas which are known for their quality engineering & unparalleled customer service. Not only is the Excursion Premier aesthetically beautiful, it also offers a ton of room for friends and/or family & is easy to set up & use! Free Flow hot tubs come with a strong warranty & a local dealer that is there for you every single step of the way.


Best Salt Water Hot Tub of 2022: Hot Spring Pulse

This year, we have a new winner when it comes to the Best Salt Water Hot Tub of 2022, the Hot Spring Pulse. It’s one of our best selling salt water spas of 2022. A 7’5″ x 7’5″ footprint with a roomy interior. A comfortable hot tubbing experience for 4 friends each sitting in a corner seat & enough room for up to 7 adults. Powerful massages that are different in every single seat. Modern sleek design, energy efficient, beautiful lighting inside & out, easy to operate, all at an average selling price. To top it off, a 5 year warranty – parts & labor, never pro rated, and backed by a trustworthy manufacturer & local dealer.



Best Small Hot Tub of 2022: Hot Spring Stride

We have a new winner this year for the Best Small Hot Tub of 2022, the Stride. This hot tub, like the Rhythm, is featured in Hot Springs Hot Spot Series. Affordable, portable, and quality design & engineering. This hot tub gives you the quality experience of a Hot Spring Spa without all the “bells and whistles”. Perfect for small backyards, empty nesters, or new hot tubbers. We awarded this hot tub the best small hot tub of 2022 because it has everything you need in one small vessel. At just 7′ x 5’5″ this hot tub offers seating for 2-3 adults (2 upright, 1 lounge), our signature different massages in every seat, FiberCore insulation, energy efficient, easy set up, beautiful multicolor lighting, quality design & engineering.


Best Therapeutic Hot Tub of 2022: Caldera Niagara

For the second year in a row, the Caldera Niagara hands down wins our Best Therapeutic Hot Tub of 2022. Caldera Spas are known for their design, comfort, and powerful massage. If you’re looking for that neck to toe massage, you definitely want to add Niagara to your list of “hot tubs I want”. This hot tub is complete with the “Atlas Neck Massage” jets that melts all your neck tension away. Discover the truly euphoric “Euphoria Jets”, the most powerful jet that  provides a deep penetrating massage your calves, knees, legs, and feet. Every seat in the Niagara offers your body something different to help you genuinely relax. I think I just talked myself into trading in my hot tub for the Niagara! Check it out here: Caldera Niagara.



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