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Best Place To Buy A Hot Tub – Why Buy From A Hot Tub Store

What type of shopping experience is important to you? Let’s dive into where the best place to buy a hot tub is based on how you like to shop.

     Today, thanks to technology, we can buy pretty much anything from anywhere. Did you ever think you would actually be able to buy a car on an app without speaking to anyone? Just because we can purchase anything at the tip of our fingers, doesn’t mean the experiences are all the same, especially when buying a hot tub. Where is the best place to buy a hot tub? Well, it comes down to what type of shopping experience you want to have. Do you prefer an easy, smooth, guided process & value quality – one on one – quick service? Or do you like to shop on your own to figure out what to buy, how to purchase, delivery process, set up & maintenance by yourself & wait a while to get what you’ve ordered?

Another important thing to consider when purchasing a hot tub is the quality vs. cost. You can check out our previous article that discusses all costs related to hot tubs.

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Hot Tub?

Lets take a look at the average hot tubber journey & compare the differences between buying from a local hot tub store or Online Outlet/Big Box Store. 

1.) Shop: The goal of your shopping journey is to find the perfect hot tub for you to make sure you’re happy for years to come.

  • A local hot tub store will have knowledgeable wellness consultants there to guide you through your shopping journey over the phone or in the store. They’ll listen to what your hot tub needs and wants are, educate you on how to shop for a hot tub, help you figure out your hot tub placement and set up, and ultimately help you choose the hot tub that is right for you. These wellness consultants will be with you throughout your purchasing, delivery, and the lifetime of your hot tubbing experience. Which means, they hold themselves accountable for providing you with the absolute best experience to keep the relationship happy.
  • Online Outlets/Big Box Stores have sales associates usually trained to sell a wide variety of products. This means that their specialty usually isn’t in just hot tubs. Most big box stores and online outlets frequently change brands to whichever is selling at the best price that year. It’s more about the bottom line than about providing you with the best quality and best experience. Not that this is a bad thing, every business operates with their own mission. Chances are you won’t be speaking to your sales associate again throughout the rest of your hot tub journey. 

If you’re new to hot tub shopping, sign up & check out our “Hot Tub Buying Guide“.

2.) Purchase: During & after your purchase, you want to leave knowing you landed a great deal & feel safe knowing you’re in good hands with who you purchased from.

  • At your local hot tub store, your wellness consultants will help you take advantage of any current promotions, go through financing options, and work to save you every penny possible. They should even offer referrals for contractors to help you install electric and a hot tub pad if needed. Some hot tub stores, like HealthMate Hot Tubs, even offer hot tub pad installations in house.
  • Online Outlets/Big Box Stores might have a promo code but there is usually no room for further negotiation. Because they sell a variety of products, they very rarely offer help with contractor referrals or prepping for your hot tub. This can feel stressful & leave you feeling like you’re on your own with figuring out installation guidelines, lining up contractors, and figuring out how this hot tub is going to work in the space you have.

3.) Delivery: Your delivery should be taken care of by the delivery team. They should be able to answer any and all questions you have & leave you feeling confident in the product you purchased.

  • Having your hot tub delivered by your local hot tub dealer is going to make all the difference in the world! Your local dealer will have their staff hand deliver your hot tub to the exact space you want. They’ll even help reposition until it’s exactly the way you envisioned. Your local hot tub store will carefully unwrap your hot tub, install your hot tub accessories, and answer any initial questions you have on delivery. Your delivery will be coordinated with any contractors like your electrician. They may even snap a few photos and share on their website to give other homeowners some backyard inspiration.
  • Having your hot tub delivered by Online Outlets/Big Box Stores usually looks like a hot tub sitting at the end of your driveway all wrapped up. Sometimes, if you opt for white glove service, they may place it in the space you want, and leave the rest up to you. Again, this can leave you feeling alone and lost in what steps come next.

4.) Set Up & Service: Having someone to help you set up the hot tub for the first time & feel confident in the company to provide you quality & timely service is crucial in having a successful & lifelong hot tub experience.

  • One of the most important aspects of why you should buy from a local hot tub store. They will guide you through the first hot tub fill and set up one on one to make sure everything is perfect to start your hot tubbing journey. After your initial set up, your local hot tub store is only a phone call or drive away for any and all questions (trust us, you’ll have a TON of questions at first). Most local hot tub stores, like HealthMate Hot Tubs, offer continued weekly/monthly/yearly maintenance, service for repairs, warranty service, and sell any chemicals you need on site. *Did we mention you can only buy a Salt Water Hot Tub from a local Hot Spring or Caldera Dealer?*
  • When buying online, you’ll most likely have to figure all of this out by calling a 1-800 number anytime you need help if they even offer that (we all know how frustrating those wait times can be). Typically, they offer warranties and servicing, however, finding someone to complete that service can be a huge nightmare. Furthermore, the process to approve a warranty service & hopefully get your money back can be a very long and hard battle.

You’re shopping for a hot tub, something to bring your life more relaxation and enjoyment. So, I think it’s safe to assume you’re most likely the type of person who wants to be guided during their hot tubbing experience to make sure everything runs smooth. The best place to buy a hot tub for those seeking to have the best experience? I think we can all agree shopping local isn’t only the best choice for you, but also your community! Our small businesses make our communities what they are, and without your support, our small businesses aren’t able to thrive. Most locally small owned hot tub shops are family owned and operated, like HealthMate Hot Tubs in Green Brook, NJ! We hope this article of the best place to buy a hot tub was helpful in giving you a peek into both buying local & online.

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