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Best Salt Water Hot Tubs of 2021

The end of the year is approaching rapidly, how is it almost 2022 already? We’re almost 2 years into the busiest hot tub craze we’ve seen in decades. In a time of immense change & uncertainty, it’s no secret as to why the world is searching for ways to find relaxation. Schedules are busier than ever & stress levels are at a record high. It’s more important now than ever to take care of your mental health so you can be there for yourself, your family, and your career. As we’ve previously discussed, there are endless benefits hot tubbing offers folks at every age. Choosing the right hot tub is so important for so many reasons, easy maintenance being one! Salt water hot tubs are changing the hot tubbing game for over 10 years now with minimal maintenance & the best hot tubbing experience. To learn more about salt water spas, you can check out our previous blog about The Truth About Salt Water Hot Tubs. Without further due, let’s dive right into the Best Salt Water Hot Tubs of 2021!

hot spring spas jetsetter 3 person hot tub overhead view







1.) Best 2 Person Salt Water Hot Tub of 2021: Hot Spring Jetsetter LX

The Hot Spring Jetsetter LX provides a luxury hot tubbing experience in every aspect. Experience powerful exclusive massages, luxuriously comfortable seating, easy to use wireless controls, beautiful design & easy maintenance.
Hot Spring Jetsetter LX







2.) Best Large Salt Water Hot Tub of 2021: Caldera Cantabria

The Caldera Cantabria is the ultimate when it comes to hot tub entertainment. Caldera spas are known for their variety of powerful massages that ease tension from neck to toe, literally. The Cantabria is the largest model in the Caldera Spas lineup & features a little bit of everything for the ultimate experience. Whether you have a large family or you’re the home that likes to entertain, this large hot tub is the perfect addition.

Caldera Cantabria









3.) Best Budget Salt Water Hot Tub of 2021: Hot Spring Beam

Hot Spring’s Beam is the best salt water model for those on a budget. This model has all the features of a luxury hot tub at a more affordable price tag. Although this hot tub has a smaller footprint, there’s enough room to seat 4 comfortably.
Hot Spring's Beam




4.) Best Hot Spring Salt Water Hot Tub of 2021: Hot Spring Grandee

A family favorite, the Hot Spring Grandee definitely takes the #1 spot in the Hot Spring Category. The larger footprint of this hot tub makes hot tubbing enjoyable whether it’s just you or the whole family. With Hot Springs exclusive 100% filtration paired with the salt system, clean up is nearly effortless after a family soaking session.


Caldera Utopia Niagara 7 person salt water hot tub








5.) Best Caldera Salt Water Hot Tub of 2021: Caldera Niagara

Caldera’s Niagara hot tub is a perfect 7′ 5″ x 7′ 5″ with seating for up to 7 adults. The power and size make this hot tub a crowd pleaser & a favorite among Caldera hot tub shoppers. A hot tubbing experience that is hard to beat with the power & performance of a Caldera spa.

Niagara hot tub







6.) Best 4 Person Hot Tub of 2021: Hot Spring Triumph

Newer to the Hot Spring line up, the Triumph is quickly growing in popularity. This comfortable 4 person hot tub features 2 lounges that accommodate any size adult. Hot Springs reputation for quality design & engineering provide a hot tubbing experience truly second to none!

hot spring triumph







7.) Best Salt Water Hot Tub With A Lounge: Hot Spring Flair

Last but certainly never the least, the Hot Spring Flair takes the #1 spot for the best hot tub with a lounge. No question our hottest seller of the year, this hot tub truly has it all. Variety of powerful jets, comfortable seating for everyone in the family, easy controls, and beautiful modern design inside & out. The prefect choice for those who are undecided, you can’t go wrong with this one!


Hot tub salt water systems are exclusive to Caldera & Hot Spring Spas. As of now, there are no manufacturers that design salt systems compatible with hot tubs. There are aftermarket salt water kits that can be retrofitted, however, the concentration of salt needed to power these after market kits is very high. These after market kits can cause significant damage over time & we do not recommend using them at this time. Please contact (732) 424-0030 with any questions hot tubs in New Jersey. A wellness consultant will be happy to guide you through any questions you may have!

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