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“Do You Have Hot Tubs in Stock?” – To Wait or Not To Wait for Your Dream Hot Tub

“Do You Have Hot Tubs in Stock?” – To Wait or Not To Wait for Your Dream Hot Tub

With the hot tub market at all time high, the #1 most asked question when answering the phone here at HealthMate Hot Tubs is “Do you have any hot tubs in stock?”. Our response to that question is YES! We do actually have hot tubs in stock. We have been working hard to get our manufacturers to keep us supplied with as much hot tub stock as they’re willing to give up for us. While options are limited across the world at the moment, hot tub dealers might not have exactly what you want when you want it leading you to search for any available option. In today’s high demand market, it’s tempting to choose the hot tub that’s first available to have delivered to your backyard. Is this the best choice? Let’s talk about to wait or not to wait.

Here at HealthMate Hot Tubs, we’re huge advocates of taking a step back and asking “What is most important to you?”.

What do we mean by this?

1.) Are you looking for a temporary fix for your backyard staycation & don’t really care too much about quality or overall experience?

Then you might get just that when you purchase any hot tub in stock that may be less than what you originally wanted. It might give you the temporary happiness that you’re looking for, but you may wonder “what if I waited for what we actually wanted…?”. You might end up purchasing a hot tub online from an E-Commerce company because they’re promising to ship it within the next two weeks. Let us break the news to you quick and easy, the hot tub shortage is worldwide & every manufacturer is experiencing major delays. This includes E-Commerce companies that buy up small name brand hot tubs. Unfortunately during this time of high hot tub demand, hot tub shipments from large e-commerce stores are often delayed over and over and before you know it, you’re waiting months for a hot tub that wasn’t your first or even second choice.

Let’s pretend that the E-commerce store you’re thinking about purchasing from happens to have a hot tub in stock that you’re willing to settle for. The quality of the product, service & overall experience you receive when you purchase from an online store is not going to compare to that of a Hot Tub Specialty Store. What’s the difference & is it really significant? A lot & YES! Check out Best Place to Buy A Hot Tub – Why Buy From A Hot Tub Store to understand the difference. Plus, when you purchase from a specialty hot tub store you’re giving business to your local community & we know by now that this is what keeps our community strong, keeps our home values high, and feels good!

2.) Are you looking for the true hot tub experience, built to last, & easy to use.

If you’re looking for a lifetime of relaxation & enjoyment in a hot tub that is built to last 15-25 years, you might get lucky and find a hot tub in stock that is perfect for you! However, there is a possibility in today’s market you might be waiting for your dream hot tub for a few weeks. Either way, we can say with so much confidence that it’ll be the best investment of the time spent waiting and money spent. You’re getting exactly what you’ve always wanted & not sacrificing quality, performance, or your wants/needs. Also, you’ll be getting the absolute best customer service with Hot Spring & Caldera hot tubs & with HealthMate Hot Tubs.

Fortunately for us (and hopefully for you!), we get to sell the #1 selling spa brand in the world & they’re working hard to continue to produce hot tubs to meet the demand while maintaining quality control. We’re proud of the brands we sell because of the undeniable quality, the life changing benefits they offer, and ultimately the unparalleled experience each and every one of our hot tubbers have raved about.

Our goal as a hot tub and swim spa dealer is to always make sure you are putting your wants and needs first when shopping for a hot tub. Our wellness consultants take their time helping you learn about our brands, individual models, and specific features to guide you to the best decision when choosing which hot tub is right for you. Although we might have your perfect hot tub in stock, sometimes that perfect hot tub is weeks away from arriving in your backyard. We’ll do our very best to get your hot tub to you as soon as possible and keep you updated on your order status as frequently as you’d like!

“Should I wait, or purchase whatever hot tub is in stock?”

Well, we’ll leave that up to you to decide. If you’d like to learn what’s really important when shopping for a hot tub to make sure you make the right decisions, you can check out our Hot Tub Buying Guide. Curious about what we have in stock? Our inventory page linked below is updated frequently to showcase our stock. We look forward to the opportunity to bring your home a little more relaxation & enjoyment to your backyard staycation in the near future. Happy Hot Tubbing!



Fortunately we have Hot Spring, Caldera, and Free Flow hot tubs in stock & more to come. Check out all of our hot tubs in stock & available soon hot tubs by clicking below.

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