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Five Things to Consider When Planning Your Hot Tub Hangout – How To Plan for A Hot Tub

So, you’re considering the idea of getting a hot tub & maybe you don’t know where to start. It’s so important to make sure you have all your ducks in a row before choosing a hot tub so when it comes time for delivery, it’s a smooth process for our delivery team & for you! Below are just 5 things to consider when planning your backyard hot tub hangout.

1.) Location, location, location: where do you plan to put your hot tub?

The first step is deciding where you’d like to locate your backyard hot tub hangout or backyard staycation. Rule of thumb is always the closer to your home, the more you’ll use it. In the cold winter days, you’re going to want to warm your bones & relax after a long day. Keeping the hot tub close to home helps make that journey outdoors A LOT easier in the frigid weather.

2.) Base: what is your hot tub going to sit on?

After you figure out where you’d like to put the hot tub, you want to make sure you have a plan for what the hot tub will sit on. To abide by the warranty guidelines, your hot tub must sit on a solid level base such as pavers, decking/wood material, locking gravel, or concrete. You cannot put a hot tub on grass, sand, or dirt. So, do you already have one of the listed recommended base’s in the location you’ve planned to put the hot tub? If so, GREAT! If not, you can contact our team members to install a base for you or recommend a contractor who is able to help you prepare your hot tub base.

Tip: If you’re looking for an inexpensive & easy solution for a hot tub base, locking gravel with a wooden border is usually the go-to! We also offer Locking Spa Pads that are made of polymer plastic & click together for a super fast & easy hot tub base installation.

3.) Size: how much space do you want to take up?

So, you know where you’re putting your hot tub & you have an idea of what it is going to sit on. Now, it’s time to decide the size of the hot tub. The best way to do this is to take tape, string, or even pieces of wood to lay out in a square shape in the area you chose to place your hot tub. You’ll also want to have a measuring tape handy to measure the pieces of tape or string to see which sizes you feel fit best. Size is completely up to you, there’s no wrong answer here, just personal preference.

Need help deciding? Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation to help you figure out which size hot tub will fit best. We can do this virtually with video chat or in person, it’s up to you!

4.) Positioning: what do you want to look at or hide from?

Figuring out the position of your hot tub is often overlooked but oh so important for two reasons, privacy & your view. If privacy is an issue for you in your backyard, you want to position your hot tub so that your cover will block your nosey neighbors. You can also explore privacy screens for added coverage. You want to also consider what you’re going to be looking at while sitting in your hot tub. The worst thing is getting the hot tub delivered and positioned & realizing your staring at the siding on your house. So, take a look at where most of the seats are facing in the hot tub & make sure you’re going to enjoy what you’re looking at when sitting in the hot tub.

5.) Accessibility: how are you planning on having your hot tub delivered?

So, at this stage you have pretty much everything figured out except for how your hot tub is getting to this perfect space you’ve dreamed up! Hot tubs are BIG & heavy, even the smallest models we sell. This means our delivery team cannot lift your hot tub over fences, air conditioner units, or small obstacles & tight turns are a challenge, too. We must have a clear open path from the front of your yard to the backyard. So, how is our delivery team getting your hot tub from the front of your home to your backyard? Do you have a gate? How wide is the gate opening? Is your backyard accessible by vehicle? Will we need a crane to deliver your hot tub (a lot easier than you think!)? Is the pathway free & clear of any obstacles? Again, we want your hot tub delivery to be smooth and safe for both our delivery team and for you!

Our team of wellness consultants can help you decide how to get your hot tub to your desired location in-person, or virtually! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Taking a little time to plan our your hot tub hangout from deciding on location to figuring out the delivery is so important to have a successful hot tub experience with your local dealer. We want this journey to be a relaxing and enjoyable one for you and for our team as well. If at any point you feel overwhelmed or you have questions that need to be answered by a professional, we are available 7 days a week by phone or in person. Feel free to reach out to us for all of your hot tub planning needs! We look forward to helping you plan your prefect hot tub getaway.

Don’t know where to start? Take our Perfect Hot Tub Quiz on our home page to see what hot tub is best fit to suit your needs!

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