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Health Benefits of Salt Water

How salt water hot tubs benefit your health over other water care options. 

You’re on the search for the perfect hot tub for your home. You’ve narrowed down the list of options from number of seats, lounge vs. no lounge, and you can’t live without lighting. The water care is the one aspect that you haven’t figured out just yet. Maybe you’ve heard of a Salt Water System & want to know more of the health benefits of salt water. Or, maybe you don’t really know anything about the Salt Water System & want to learn more about the system overall.

Let’s first go over the basics of the Fresh water Salt System for the Hot Spring & Caldera models.

The industry’s first ever Salt Water System was created by Hot Spring Spas. This breakthrough design uses salt and H2O to generate chlorine and release it steadily into your hot tub water. The Salt Water System keeps your hot tub water clean, fresh, and always ready to use with minimal maintenance and without any harsh chemical odor or feel. Drain and refill your water only one time per year as opposed to 3 or more times per year with every other water care system. This saves your time, your money, and our planet. Simply change a cartridge every 4 months or when your control panel notifies you that it is time for replacement. Spend more time enjoying your hot tub than maintaining it.

Now that you know more about the Fresh Water Salt System, lets go over the health benefits of salt water.

Health Benefits of Salt Water

Less added chemicals = less chemicals in your body

It’s no secret that the largest organ in your body is your skin. Our skin protects us & most of us spend several hours a week trying to protect it from the sun, keep it healthy, and minimize chemical exposure to keep our skin healthy. With a salt water system, there is no real need to add harsh chemicals, sometimes loaded with other ingredients like non-caking agents, to keep your hot tub water clean. As explained previously, the salt system uses the NaCl (salt) + H2O (water) to generate a natural chlorine. So, less added chemicals mean less harmful chemicals coming in contact with your skin.

Softer Skin

After soaking in your salt water hot tub, you may notice your skin is actually softer. Hot Spring & Caldera Spas Fresh Water Salt System only uses a little bit of salt – just enough to allow the system to recognize the NaCl in the water. This minimal amount of salt often acts as a softener & can leave your skin feeling softer after soaking. Also, the natural chlorine being generated does not have any additional chemicals unlike added chlorine. The minimal amount of chlorine generated to keep your hot tub clean does not dry out skin like a traditional chlorine system does.

Fun Fact: Some even claim soaking in salt water can help skin conditions like acne.

No more dry, brittle, green hair

Dry, brittle, green hair usually comes from too much chlorine in a pool and/or hot tub. As explained before, the Fresh Water Salt System for Caldera & Hot Spring does not generate a ton of chlorine. It will generate just enough chlorine to keep your water clean based on your use & the setting you use. This eliminates the dreaded green hair for blonde men, women, & children. Maybe not necessarily a health benefit of salt water, but a major added bonus!

Steady sanitation = less bacteria in hot tub

A major health benefit of salt water is the lower level of bacteria in your hot tub. With a traditional chlorine system, the way to sanitize your hot tub water is by adding in larger amounts of chlorine to “shock” your water clean along with adding some non-chlorinated shock & other chemicals. After a few days, the sanitation will be used up & it’s time for another treatment. If you don’t keep up with your sanitation treatments, your water can become loaded with bacteria before even noticing any water quality changes.

A Salt Water System steadily generates chlorine & filters your water 24/7. Your hot tub water will pass through the filters to remove any large particles & will run through your Salt Water Cartridge which will gently chlorinate the water removing bacteria. This ensures that your water is always clean, fresh, and ready to use. 

The size of the spa is perfect for me and my wife & the best part is the salt water system” – Caldera Spa Owner

We encourage everyone to do their research before choosing a water care option. You want to make sure you find the best water care system for the way you want to use your hot tub. If your ultimate goal is to spend less time maintaining your hot tub, use less added chemicals, and keep your water clean 24/7 – Hot Spring & Caldera’s Fresh Water Salt System is the best option to meet your needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Fresh Water Salt System or want to explore other water care options, please feel free to reach out to one of our knowledgeable wellness consultants. They will be happy to help you better understand the differences & ultimately help you make the best decision for you and your hot tub.



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