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Hot Tub Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are rapidly approaching & this year getting your holiday shopping early is a must. With international supply chain issues due to material shortages and high unemployment rates, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Not sure what to get that person who has everything? Or, maybe you decided against your annual holiday vacation & want to buy the whole family a gift. Why not incorperate hot tubbing into the holidays this year? Below is our guide on how to have a Hot Tub Holiday! Whether it’s gifts for your hot tubbing family member or you’re thinking of getting a hot tub, check out our best ideas for a Hot Tub Holiday! Enjoy!

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Gifts For Hot Tub Owners

Gifting A Hot Tub

Why Gift A Hot Tub?

Gifts for Hot Tub Owners

1.) Plush Spa Robe: A great gift for avid hot tubbers. This robe will help keep you warm on your trek to and from the hot tub! If you’re local to New Jersey, you can call our store (732) 424-0030 to order a specialty Hot Spring or Caldera hot tub robe.

2.) Weather Proof Slippers: Hot tubbing in the snow is such a magical experience. Having the right footwear to get to and from the hot tub is so important to make the experience enjoyable. These Hunter Sherpa Shoes are perfect for the hot tubber in your life!

3.) Spa Scents: Hot tub aromatherapy is a great hot tub holiday gift for the naturalists in your life. Aromatherapy can really enhance your mood by helping you relax, clearing your thoughts, and even helping your physical health. Check our our tried and trusted insparation scents. Be careful when choosing which spa scents to purchase, never purchase a spa “lotion”. Your best bet is to buy your spa scents from a local hot tub dealership to ensure the product is trusted by professionals.

4.) Waterproof Playing Cards: This hot tub holiday gift is a great idea for the gamers in the family. There are so many ways a waterproof deck of cards can bring fun to your hot tubbing experience. P.S. you might want to also consider purchasing the next gift on our list along with the playing cards to make playing a game possible.

5.) Spa Side Table: There are so many different options for spa side tables to choose from. You can purchase permanent ones that mount to the side of the hot tub, floating tables, clip on tables, and even bar tops. If you need some help and advice on which to buy, give us a call (732) 424-0030. A wellness consultant will be able to help you decide & even place the order if needed. Spa side tables are great for holding drinks & snacks, your phone, playing cards (hint hint), and anything else that you need at an arms reach.

6.) Waterproof Tote & Towels: A waterproof tote bag is such a staple for a successful hot tub holiday. For the hot tubbers that like to hot tub in any weather, it’s important to have something that will keep your towels or robe dry! Your hot tubbing friend or family member can also use this tote for summer beach days or everyday use. So, it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

7.) Gift Card To Their Local Hot Tub Store: Whether it’s chemicals, a thermometer, test strips, or accessories – a hot tubber could always use a gift card to their local hot tub store. This is also a great way to support your local community!

Gifting A Hot Tub for the Holiday

During the holiday season, we often have folks come to us & want to gift their family a hot tub. Sometimes it’s a family decision & other times it’s a total surprise. Gifting a hot tub is such a special experience for the whole family & it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. A hot tub is something that every family member will be excited about, no matter the age! Below are some ideas on how to gift a hot tub to your family this year!

Surprise them: If you’re lucky enough, you can purchase an in stock hot tub and have it delivered in time for the holiday! Coordinate the surprise with our team to set a specific day and time for the delivery. We’ll also help you with the planning phase of adding your hot tub to your home. If you decide to choose your dream hot tub & wait, you can have your local hot tub store print out the model specs and put them in cards. Or, use our virtual reality app & record your screen with your future hot tub in it’s place in your backyard. You can even drive them down to the store to show them exactly which model you picked out!

Bring the family along for the shopping experience: Sometimes, bringing the family along is the best option to make sure everyone agrees on which hot tub they think is best. Some reasons to bring the family along are to make sure everyone fits, deciding on color options together, choosing the layout you all like the best, and figuring out what matters most to everyone using it. Having more eyes and more heads together to decide on which hot tub is best sometimes makes the experience less stressful (or more, haha!).

Why gift a hot tub?

In todays market, hot tubbing is truly affordable to nearly every family and budget. There are endless reasons why adding hot tubbing to your daily routine is important for your physical health and mental well being. A hot tub is a gift that never stops giving. You’ll get to enjoy your hot tub 365 days a year & watch your life change nearly over night. It’s also a gift that every single family member will enjoy, no matter what age they are! Kids are always excited about being able to splash around in the winter months & adults are happy to have somewhere to retreat at the end of their busy day. It’s a great way to enjoy the winter months & get outside while staying warm.

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