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Hot Tub Installation Inspiration

Hot Tub Installation Inspiration

Planning your hot tub installation can be tough. Where do you start? Well, we’ve written our go-to guides on “5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Hot Tub Hangout” and “10 Steps On Installing A Hot Tub”. Where do our customers get their hot tub installation inspiration? Most of them flip through our hundreds of hot tub installs that we’ve done over the last 20+ years. So, we thought we’d bring some of our best hot tub hangout photos to you, virtually! We hope this gives you the inspiration you’ve been looking for to move forward in planning your backyard getaway!

All of these installations have been approved by HealthMate Hot Tubs to follow hot tub installation guidelines laid out by HotSpring Spas & Caldera Spas manufactures. A proper hot tub install is crucial to keep your warranty valid.

Hot Tub Installation Inspiration

Hot Spring Hot Tub in New Jersey

Hot Tub Tree House Installation

Possibly our favorite installation to date was the hot tub tree house. Close attention was paid to the filled weight of this hot tub to ensure the treehouse was built to withstand the weight of the hot tub fully operating.



Hot Spring Flash Hot Tub New Jersey

Hot Tub Installation On Paver Patio

Our most common installation is on paver patios. Since the pandemic, a lot of customers have been re-envisioning their backyard as a place to retreat to at the end of their day. Pavers are a great potion for those looking to add some detail to their backyard, and to their hot tub hangout! With so many colors & styles to choose from, you and your contractor can really get creative with your backyard space!



Hot Spring Hot Tub in New Jersey

Hot Tub Install Under Custom Pergola

Another favorite at HealthMate Hot Tubs is this large custom built pergola for our customers hot tub hangout. Beautiful modern design for their modern style home & Hot Spring Spa. This hand built hot tub pergola really makes a statement in this backyard.



Hot Spring Flash Hot Tub in New Jersey

Hot Tub Installation In Corner Of Deck

It was the perfect fit for this backyard puzzle. Some customers choose to add their hot tub to the corner of their deck to try and save space in their backyard. This is ideal for those who have safe access to that area of their deck. Always make sure to add a concrete slab at the proper height so access is easy. Also, the control panel door has to be accessible for service purposes.



Hot Spring Hot Tub in New Jersey

Hot Tub Installation Under Custom Enclosure

Another gorgeous large custom enclosure for one of our newest Hot Spring Spa customers. This enclosure is built with some serious wood for a more natural look. Enclosures are a great option for avid hot tubbers so you can hot tub no matter what the weather is.



Hot Spring Hot Tub

Hot Tub Installation On Back Porch

Maybe you have a beautiful backyard view like this Hot Spring Spa customer. Your view is always something to consider when planning your hot tub hangout. Your back porch isn’t only the perfect place for morning coffee, add a hot tub & watch how your morning’s change!



Hot Spring Hot Tub

Hot Tub Installation On Back Deck

If your deck was built to withstand the weight of a hot tub, a deck installation might be the best option for you. Closest to your backdoor for easy access & no need for any additional hot tub base installation. Make sure there’s access to your deck like a wide set of steps to make sure a hot tub delivery is possible.



Hot Spring Grandee Hot Tub

Hot Tub Installation On Concrete Slab Surrounded by Pavers

One way to save money on a paver installation is to opt for a concrete slab under the hot tub & surround it by pavers. Pavers are expensive & why spend the extra money on pavers that will never be seen underneath your hot tub? Make sure to have the exact measurements of the hot tub for the most custom look.



Hot Spring Vanguard Hot Tub

Hot Tub Installation Under Gazebo

Freestanding gazebos can turn an average hot tub hangout into a statement spot in your backyard. It’s also great for hot tubbing on rainy days. Imagine the sound of the rain under that metal roof!



Hot Spring Grandee Hot Tub

Hot Tub Installation On Gravel

The easiest hot tub install is always locking gravel. It’s important to make sure the gravel is locking gravel to ensure no movement over time. You also want to make sure the ground below is solid & stamped down.



Hot Spring Grandee Hot Tub

Hot Tub Installation On Custom Wood Platform

A wooden platform for your hot tub base is beautiful, functional, and less expensive than pavers. This wood platform was actually done by a member of our team who is an exceptional craftsman.



Hot Spring Hot Tub

Hot Tub Install Fully Sunken In Deck

For the ultimate experience, a fully sunken in hot tub gives you that in ground hot tub feeling but with the luxury experience of a portable hot tub. Add a little mood lighting and you have yourself a hot tub oasis right in your backyard.



Hot Spring Hot Tub

Hot Tub Install On Existing Patio

Already have a patio in your backyard? Great! The easiest and most affordable option is choosing a spot on your existing patio to add your hot tub to. Consider how far away the hot tub is going to be from your backyard, this is important for accessibility in colder months. Also, consider how you electric is going to be run to this space.



Caldera Hot Tub

Hot Tub Install Under White Gazebo

Another beautiful gazebo option that is sure to start your morning off on a brighter note. We love the ambiance of the white gazebo bringing light to your morning & reflecting the vibrant hot tub lighting at night.



Hot Spring Pulse Hot Tub

Hot Tub Install On Gravel Surrounded By Wooden Border

A more permanent solution than just lock tight gravel is gravel surrounded by a wooden border. This holds the gravel in place for years. We love how this customer got creative with the gravel and pavers. A beautiful multi-texture look for this hot tub install.



Hot Spring Vanguard Hot Tub

Hot Tub Install Surrounded By Bluestone

Another way to get the in ground hot tub look with the luxury and added features of a portable spa is to surround it in bluestone. This customer had a custom hot tub nook created by a mason & we absolutely love the results.



Hot Spring Envoy Hot Tub

Hot Tub Install Surrounded By Bluestone

Another beautiful example of surrounding your hot tub with bluestone. Again, make sure your service team is able to access the hot tub service panel for future services. The panel is usually located in the “front” of the hot tub.


More Hot Tub Inspiration

HealthMate hot tubs in New Jersey has over 5,000 hot tub customers in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. View our latest hot tub installations on our Recent Projects page for even more hot tub installation inspiration!

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