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Hot Tub Location Ideas

Choosing the right hot tub location is actually a very important decision you’ll have to make when considering adding a hot tub to your home. Too far, and you may be hesitant to use it in the colder months. Too close, well, we don’t think a hot tub can ever be too close!! You’ll also want to plan out what the hot tub is going to be sitting on. These decisions may not always be easy to make & that’s why we’re here, to help you with some hot tub location ideas.


Where should a hot tub be installed?

Not too far: Rule of thumb for planning your hot tub installation is the closer the better. In the cold winter months, you aren’t going to want to walk too far to your hot tub!

Keep privacy in mind: Are your neighbors close to your backyard? Does your living room window overlook your backyard? Keeping privacy in mind when planning your hot tub location is important to make sure you can fully relax when soaking.


What should my hot tub base be?

There are a few options to consider when planning your hot tub location. Always discuss this question with your hot tub wellness consultant as each hot tub has different weight distribution & base requirements. Below are some hot tub base ideas with photos to help you choose which option will work best for you.

1.) Paver Patio

A great option for folks who are into exterior design or find joy in details. Paver patios work for most hot tub installations because of their stability & strength. There are so many options for design when choosing a paver patio for your hot tub base!


2.) Wood Pad

Another beautiful and custom option for a hot tub base is a wooden pad. General contractors or craftsman can usually make a wooden pad for a hot tub pretty quickly. They’re also more affordable then something like a paver patio base. Because the wooden pad is so close to the ground and built customized to support your hot tub, this is a great option for a hot tub base! Make sure to use treated wood or trex wood to prevent rotting over time.


3.) Deck

Adding a hot tub to your existing deck can sometimes be tricky, but is sometimes a great option. It’s important to have a contractor come out to take a look at the construction of the deck. They’ll be able to tell you if the deck is built to support the weight of a hot tub or not. If you’re having a new deck built, just make sure your contractor has the specs for the specific hot tub you’re purchasing so they can add enough support. Some folks even decide to have their hot tub sunken into a deck. It’s a good idea to have your hot tub installed before the deck is complete so the contractor can finish the deck around the hot tub for the cleanest fit.


4.) Locking Gravel

If you’re planning your hot tub location on a budget, lock tight pea gravel is probably going to be the best option for you. However, this option is only suitable for some hot tubs. So, check with your wellness consultant before choosing this option for a hot tub base.


5.) Concrete Slab

One of the most durable options, concrete makes a perfect base for your hot tub location. Make sure when you’re planning the size for your concrete hot tub base you include room for your steps!


6.) Railroad Ties

Another great option for folks on a budget. A railroad tie hot tub base is a very simple wooden base design that comes with a very low price tag. This option is suitable for most hot tub installations. Fill the spaces between the ties with gravel for added support!


7.) EZ Pad Spa Pad

Looking for a base that you can install yourself? Some hot tub dealers offer EZ Pad Spa pads that are made of a durable plastic and supported throughout. They’re incredibly affordable and easy to set up. You’ll need to have some experience using a shovel and a level. Be prepared to see some of the spa pad stick out on the sides and the front of the hot tub as these pads aren’t customizable in size. You’ll order however many square 4’x4′ squares you’ll need to fit underneath your hot tub. These pads secure together with clips along the seams.


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