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Hot Tub Lounge Vs. No Lounge

Maybe you’ve never been in a freestanding portable hot tub and don’t know what a lounge feels like. Maybe you’ve narrowed the hundreds of hot tubs you have been looking at down to two options, one with and one without. The dilemma of hot tub lounge vs. no lounge comes up at some point in your shopping experience.

Today, we’re going to go over all the details on lounge vs. no lounge to help you choose which option is best for you! We’ll go over the good and the bad, and at the end of it all, we’ll select the best lounge hot tub and the best no lounge hot tub from our Hot Spring, Caldera, and Free Flow collections.


Why do people choose to have a lounge in their hot tub?

Versatility in seating options

Some hot tub owners want to have a variety of seating options in their hot tub which is why they may opt in for a lounge. Usually, a hot tub will offer lounge seating, a “lazy boy” seating option, captains chair option, and a straight up seating option. Not all hot tubs have a lounge seat nor captains seat. So, usually these are hot tub seating options that people either seek out, or want to avoid. Usually, every hot tub has straight up seating & “lazy boy” seating (usually corner seats). So, if you’re looking for a spa that has a variety of seating options, you may want to opt in for a lounge!

Looking for that full body massage

Depending on the hot tub brand and specific hot tub you’re looking at, you may want to choose a lounge if you’re looking for a full body massage. Most lounge options offer jets that massage your neck, upper & lower back, legs, and feet. However, there are also non lounge seating options that offer a full body massage as well. The best way to find a hot tub that offers a full body massage is to look in each seat and see where the massage jets are placed throughout the hot tub.

Seeking a full relaxation feeling

Other hot tub owners that choose a lounge option do so because they feel the most relaxed in a lounge position. Laying down in water can be very soothing for some (and not so soothing for others, we’ll discuss later on). Usually individuals that are on the taller side (5′ 7″ and up) fit most comfortably in a lounge. Although, some hot tubs now have a variety of lounge lengths & “foot locks”. You can ask your wellness consultant about these options if you’re interested in a lounge and do not quite reach the 5′ 7″ mark.

Opting for the largest hot tub option

If you’re looking for the largest portable hot tub option for your backyard, it most likely will come with a lounge. We’re not quite sure why most large hot tubs have a lounge in them. The best explanation we have is the hot tub is large enough with a lot of seating to choose from & everyone will find a seat that fits them best. Chances are, if you’re using your hot tub to entertain or to hangout with family, there are going to be a few people who enjoy the lounge seat!


Why do people choose not to have a lounge in their hot tub?

Takes up too much room

If you’re looking to have as much seating in your hot tub as possible in the footprint you have planned out, you might want to avoid a lounge. Why? A lounge usually takes up a large area of the hot tub because you’re laying along one side as opposed to placing your feet to the center of the hot tub. A hot tub without a lounge will usually fit one extra person than a hot tub of the same size with a lounge.

They’re too short to reach the foot lock

As we discussed in the sections above, if you’re shorter than 5′ 7″, it may be difficult for you to fit in most lounge options. Why? Well, portable hot tub lounge options aren’t able to be customized for specific heights. So, usually the lounge is built to accommodate the average height. Some lounges, however, feature an additional “foot lock” which is an extra indent in the lounge for those who are shorter than 5′ 7″ to place their heels in to hold them in place. This is the ideal option if you’re leaning towards getting a hot tub with a lounge.

They’re too buoyant to enjoy

When you lay down in a body of water, does your lower half tend to float or sink? If you tend to float in water, you may not get to enjoy a lounge as comfortably as the average person. Floating in a pool is usually very enjoyable. However, floating in a hot tub doesn’t allow you to enjoy the massage from the jets because you’ll be too far away from the actual jet. So, if you’re a floater, our advice to you would be to avoid a lounge.


Pro’s & Con’s of a Hot Tub Lounge (to sum it up)

Lounge Pro’s

Versatility in seating options

Looking for that full body massage

Seeking a full relaxation feeling

Opting for the largest hot tub option


Lounge Cons

Takes up too much room

Too short to reach the foot lock

Too buoyant to enjoy


The Best Hot Tubs With A Lounge & Without A Lounge

Best Hot Spring Hot Tub With A Lounge: Envoy

Our top pick for a Hot Spring hot tub with a lounge is the Hot Spring Envoy. No only does this high end salt water hot tub feature a lounge, it also features our incredibly comfortable captains chair. The captains chair massages from neck to toe & is truly the most comfortable hot tub seat you’ve ever sat in. To add even more, the Envoy features a little more power than all the other Hot Spring Spas. The power of the jets is fully adjustable to make sure you find your perfect setting always.

Best Hot Spring Hot Tub Without A Lounge: Flash

The Hot Spring Flash is probably one of our most popular hot tubs to date. Perfect size, perfect lay out, high end features, all at a perfect price point. This salt water capable hot tub has seating for 7, foot massages for every hot tubber, a sleek modern design, and high end quality design and engineering.

Best Caldera Hot Tub With A Lounge: Cantabria

The ULTIMATE hot tub. If you’re looking for the largest portable hot tub you could possibly find, the Caldera Cantabria is definitely the hot tub you want to look at. Caldera has arguably the most comfortable hot tub seats in the industry along with it’s unparalleled quality and easy water care maintenance. The Caldera Cantabria comfortably seats 8 or more. The massages in this hot tub are unreal & will leave you feeling like you literally just left your favorite day spa.

Best Caldera Hot Tub Without A Lounge: Niagara

This Caldera hot tub, similar to the Flash, is perfect for those looking for a smaller footprint hot tub that can fit the most amount of people. Comfortable seating for 7 adults, salt water compatible, and packed with powerful massages in every single seat. It’s a great hot tub for a friends and family hangout with 4 corner seats allowing for comfortable conversation.

Best Free Flow Hot Tub With A Lounge: Excursion Premier

If you’re looking for something a bit more simple & easy to set up without any major electrical work, our Free Flow Plug N Play hot tubs are definitely the way to go. Made by the Makers of Hot Spring Spas – quality, durability, and customer service is no concern. The Excursion premier is the perfect option for folks looking for a larger affordable hot tub with a lounge. Comfortable seating and powerful massages in every seat! This hot tub even has a cool down seat which allows you to sit up out of the water for a little bit to cool off.

Best Free Flow Hot Tub Without A Lounge: Monterey Premier

The Free Flow Monterey premier has comfortable seating for 7 with a small foot print to not take up too much room in the backyard. Just like the Excursion, this hot tub is super easy to set up and maintain while remaining very energy efficient throughout the winter months! Want to see this hot tub in your backyard? Check out the augmented reality option on FreeFlow Spas website! Just click “view in your space”.


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