Hot Tub & Swim Spa FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


A 110 hot tub plugs into a 110v 20 amp dedicated circuit, it will run the jets or the heater.

A 220 spa is hardwired, and runs the jets and the heater at the same time.

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A hot tub without the lounger provides additional seating and a hot tub with a lounger enables the customer to stretch out in a designed lounge area.

Our hot tubs come 29, 33, 36, and 38 inches tall, respectively. One of the most noticeable difference is in the footwell area as the spa gets taller, the footwell area gets deeper.

A “Plug & Play” or “Plug-N-Play” simply means you are able to plug it into a 110 outlet and run it without additional electrical set-up.

Typically the difference is in the type of chemicals that you can utilize with that take your spa; the spa that has the circulation pump is moving and cleaning 24/7, whereas a spa without a circulation pump is set on a timer to circulate.

Developing a working relationship with your locally authorized dealer is a great way for you to protect your investment in a used spa. Your authorized Hot Spring dealer will have the factory-recommended components and water care chemicals that will extend the life of your spa. They also have the latest information from the factory regarding any component upgrades needed for older spas.

Authorized dealers are required by contract to deliver and provide warranted service for all new spa sales from their store. This ensures that the spa will not be damaged in transport between the dealership and your home. This also means the dealer will have the technical staff to service your spa if/when needed. If you were to buy a Hot Spring or Caldera spa farther from the delivery destination, the selling dealer may charge you a trip fee for their technician to travel to your home. What you saved in the initial purchase price may not compare to what you might have to pay the dealer for their travel. Dealer travel charges, is issued, are not covered by your spa’s warranty.

This question is best asked of your child’s pediatrician or other medical professional. Small children are sometimes less tolerate of exposure to hot water, so ask your doctor before allowing young children to use a spa.

Hot Spring spas carry several different certifications that ensure the spa is safe to use. Some code enforcement personnel mistakenly believe that public pools and private residential spas require the same code compliance and barrier requirements. If you have questions about barrier requirements in your community or region, contact your authorized dealer to obtain the information you need. You may also call the Hot Spring Customer Service team to get help you find this informatio

Yes. We can order parts directly from Watkins, the manufacturer of Hot Spring and Caldera spas. If they do not carry the original component, a replacement component of equal or better quality will be provided. We can also provide a replacement cover for your spa that fits the corners and cover locks.

Only authorized dealers may sell Hot Spring and Caldera spas directly to consumers. However, Hot Spring provides warranty coverage for your spa purchase and offers the strongest warranty in the industry. We also offer a warranty on parts purchased and installed by authorized dealers.


Swim spas are multipurpose, so whether you want to maintain an at-home exercise routine or simply have a place to play and relax, the investment is worth it! Do you swim regularly? Or just for enjoyment? Will aquatic exercise help you meet your health goals? Or is a place for family enjoyment and to unwind what you are looking for? Swim spas combine the joy of aquatic activity with at-home convenience, indoors and out.

Swim spa, exercise pool, Fitness System … you’ve likely heard all of these terms used, so what’s the difference?

The swim spa, exercise pool and Fitness System comparison can be tricky to understand especially when most of the time they are interchangeable, representing a hybrid of a spa and a pool. They each typically come with a jet or propulsion system designed for swimming against a current, a low-impact workout or both. Swim spas are smaller in size and often include massage jets for a relaxing experience. Sizing, features, and add-ons will vary by model.

A SWIM SPA focuses on swimming, with the added benefit of spa seating (usually). When shopping for a swim spa, its important to learn about the swim current system. A swim jet system that uses air to produce force will be far more turbulent than a swim jet system that uses a boost effect to draw in more water. Learn about why SwimCross™ Exercise Systems uses a boost effect to draw in more water for a low-turbulent jetted swim.

AN EXERCISE POOL provides an environment for aquatic exercise, but it’s typically smaller and not suitable for swimming. Exercise pools sometimes include spa seating, but not always. Learn why the SwimCross Exercise Systems X200 or X500 are great alternatives to a typical exercise pool.

A FITNESS SYSTEM provides the best environment for swimming, aquatic exercise and relaxation. With the leading Endless Pools Swim Machine, the only hydraulically-run underwater treadmill, built-in anchors for aquatic fitness equipment and comfortable hydromassage spa seating, Endless Pools Fitness Systems are the ideal mix of a swim spa and an exercise pool with a beautiful style that compliments any home.

Our underwater treadmill works by a hydraulic power unit (HPU) that pumps biodegradable vegetable oil to the treadmill’s underwater motor. This innovative design is energy efficient and eco-friendly while still providing maximum power.

The treadmill varies from a walking to running pace with a speed range of 0 to 5.5 MPH, so it can be easily adjusted for any workout level. Customers are typically drawn to the underwater treadmill because of the extra versatility and benefits it gives to their in-home Fitness System.