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Hot Tub & Swim Spa Unit Worth It? – Dual Temp Swim Spas

Combined hot tub and swim spa units have gained popularity over the last nearly two years during this pandemic era. Folks have been spending time revamping their homes & backyards to enjoy their indefinite stay at home. While some chose to add seasonal in ground pools, others have taken the route of a year round aquatic option, portable swim spas & hot tubs. Deciding whether a swim spa or hot tub is the right fit for you can sometimes bring the realization that both of these would bring you more enjoyment in your stay at home & after. So, is a hot tub and swim spa unit in one worth it? Or, should you decide to purchase the units separately. Let’s dive in and learn more about Dual Zone Swim Spas.


What is a Dual Zone Swim Spa?

A dual zone swim spa is a portable unit that has both a swim spa & a hot tub feature in one large unit. The shell is built with a divider separating the hot tub & swim spa units so that they are completely different bodies of water. Each body of water has it’s own controls like temperature, jets, and filtration systems. If you only want to utilize the hot tub, you can unfold or unroll the hot tub side of the cover and keep the swimming unit side covered, and vice versa. There are several types of dual zone swim spa units and several brands. The Hydropool AquaTrainer 19DTAX is a high end luxury dual zone swim spa that offers you and your home a hot tub, swimming pool, and a gym all in one!

Buying A Hot Tub & Swim Spa Separately

If you’re interested in having both a hot tub & swim spa unit, purchasing them separately is one option to consider. Why would you purchase a hot tub & swim spa unit separately?

Your home cannot accommodate one large 19′ unit. In this case, splitting up the swim spa and hot tub would be necessary to incorperate them both into your backyard space. You can install your hot tub in one area & your swim spa in a different area creating the ultimate backyard oasis.

You can actually save money. Yes, you can actually save money purchasing a hot tub and swim spa unit separately. How? By purchasing them separately, you can opt for a smaller swim spa unit and an entry level hot tub. However, before making this decision, we also recommend getting an electrical install estimate to make sure it doesn’t end up being a wash from a cost perspective. Also, factor in two separate pad installations. A swim spa must be installed on a concrete slab, however, a hot tub can be installed on an inexpensive “EZ-Spa Pad”.

If you really want a salt water hot tub, there are currently no swim spas that offer salt water sanitation. Therefore, you can purchase a salt water hot tub & then your swim spa separately. Is this worth it? It depends on who you ask. Your hot tub maintenance will be a breeze, however, you still have a chlorine swim spa to maintain.

Buying A Hot Tub & Swim Spa Unit

If you’re not limited by you backyard situation, consider purchasing a Dual Zone Swim Spa. Why would you purchase a dual zone swim spa instead of the hot tub and swim spa units separately?

Only one pad installation. When you purchase a single unit, you only have to worry about one single pad installation. This means you only have to plan for construction once in your backyard & can potentially save money. A swim spa this size needs to be installed on a concrete slab.

One unit to maintain & service. If both your hot tub and swim spa are in one single unit, you’ll only ever need to service and maintain that one unit. Although the hot tub and swimming water are separate, the water care systems will be the same but will require different chemical treatment amounts.

One single entertainment area. Having everything in one space can make it more convenient for you & your friends/family to enjoy time together. If your backyard allows, of course.

What is the better option?

Deciding which is the better option is going to come down to your unique situation. Factors to consider are your budget, your backyard, and water care system preference. Can your backyard accommodate one large unit? Which option is more affordable for you? Do you want a salt water hot tub to enjoy at night? Or, do you want both water care systems to be exactly the same? If you’re having trouble deciding, you can always call our wellness consultants (732) 424-0030 for guidance. They’re ready and willing to answer all of your hot tub & swim spa questions. No matter which option you choose, your sure to enjoy life in a whole new way right at home.


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