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Hot Tub Yoga

Hot Tub Yoga

The list of reasons why your hot tubs good for you is endless. From improving your mood, pain relief, mental clarity, and increasing mobility. Hot tubbing can increase mobility by bringing oxygen to muscles and helping with recovery. It can also increase mobility by decreasing joint pain and inflammation. We’re going to be touching on the “increasing mobility” benefit of hot tubbing today in a new way! Most folks know the benefits of yoga & of hot tubbing. Today, we’re going to chat about combining both of those daily practices for the ultimate feel good experience. Let’s dive into some Hot Tub Yoga!


What is Hot Tub Yoga?

Hot Tub Yoga is the practice of combining a hot tubbing session with your daily yoga practice. The combination of warm water, movement, & stretching is an incredible way to increase mobility in just one session!


What are the benefits of Hot Tub Yoga?

There are endless benefits when you combined warm water immersion & yoga. Let’s touch on a few of those that are most important.

  1. Deeper Stretches: because of warm water allowing your body to become a little more flexible.
  2. Improve Balance: yoga movements often encourage your body to build strength by holding different positions for extended periods in ways your body is not used to. This ultimately will help you build better balance by using smaller muscles that you don’t usually use!
  3. Increase Mobility: both hot tubbing & yoga can help increase your mobility alone. Combined the two, and you’ll benefit in ways you never imagined possible. With these two practices combined, you can experience arthritic pain relief, back pain relief, muscle pain relief, and increased flexibility.
  4. Low Impact: hot tub yoga is a low impact exercise that is easy on your joints & back. Also, the water will help assist you in holding poses longer increasing the benefits of the yoga positions.


Hot Tub Yoga Practices

Each yoga pose below can be performed in the comfort of your hot tub. We recommend starting off your hot tub yoga by closing your eyes for a few minutes, finding your breath, and bringing awareness to your body starting at your toes and up to your head. You can bring awareness to each body part by thinking about the part, gently moving the body part, and be grateful for that body parts purpose in movement. You can then move on to perform the yoga poses below.

1.) Mountain Pose

The key to this pose is to create a solid foundation with your feet and activate every muscle in your legs, back, core, and arms. You almost want to pretend you’re standing on a piece of paper & trying to rip the paper in half with your feet.

2.) Standing Tree Pose

This pose is all about promoting balance and finding your center. Focus on one thing in your backyard whether it’s a tree, your window, or even your favorite plant.

3.) Chair Pose

This is a great pose to build strength in your legs and to promote good posture. You want to try and create a straight line with your back and arms.

4.) Standing Backbend Pose

While performing this pose, you can either use your hands to support your back like in the photo above. Or, you can extend your arms over your head for a little extra stretch.

5.) Spinal Twists

You can perform this pose either standing or sitting on your cool down seat in your hot tub. It’s a great way to stretch your oblique muscles and loosen you up! Twist to each side while taking several deep breaths.

6.) Half Moon Pose

Another great stretch for your oblique muscles & to loosen up your back!

7.) Namaste

Sit comfortably in your hot tub, put your hands together in a prayer position, and thank your body for supporting you in every way.


After performing this hot tub yoga session, you should be feeling GREAT! Your body is flowing with oxygen & great energy. You should feel a little more flexible and stronger. You might even feel sore if this is your first time ever practicing yoga, which is amazing! Overall, you should be either ready to tackle your day or ready to continue to unwind from a busy work day. Try to perform this hot tub yoga practice a few times a week for the best results! Namaste.

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