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How Hot Is A Hot Tub? – Our Guide on Hot Tub Temperature

Hot Tub Temperature limits, optimal temperatures for different results, and benefits of hot water therapy.

“So, how hot should I make my hot tub?” A question most future hot tubbers ask when they see the control panel lit up at 101 degrees Fahrenheit in our showroom. The answer is always – it depends. Unknowingly to most new hot tubbers, there are actual optimal temperatures and timeframes to soak in your hot tub based off of the results you’re looking to see after your soak. There have also been regulations put on temperature limits of hot tubs based on scientific findings of how hot is “too hot” for our health. Who knew there could be so much behind choosing the right temperature for you and your body? Let’s dive in … or rather, slowly ease our way in.

Hot Tub Temperature Limits & Regulations

According to the Wall Street Journal article “Burning Question: What Is the Best Water Temperature for Your Bath or Shower?” written by Heidi Mitchell, there’s actually a hot water temperature threshold for our bodies. If the temperature exceeds this threshold, the effects can be harmful to our skin. If we shower or bathe in water that is 112 degrees or higher, an important protective layer on our skin essentially “melts” away. This allows for bacteria to easily enter the largest organ in our bodies, the epidermis (our skin) & can also cause dry skin.

How hot is a hot tub that is safe to soak in? A very important question with a very important answer. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Comission) has set a temperature limit for hot tubs to prevent overheating, dizziness, and fainting. A safe temperature to soak for an extended amount of time (10-25 minutes) has been limited to 104 degrees. The average adult comfortably soaks at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Special attention should be paid to children and pregnant women.


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How Hot Should I Set My Hot Tub To? 

So, we now know why there’s been a regulation set on hot tub temperature (so you can live a long, happy, healthy hot tubbing life). Let’s talk about what temperature to set your spa water to. Fortunately, with Hot Spring & Caldera spas, your hot tub is always hot and ready to use. With state of the art full foam insulation, even on the coldest days your hot tub will remain at the temperature you set it to. It’s also more energy efficient to keep your hot tub set to the temperature you prefer so your heater doesn’t have to use extra energy to “re-heat” the hot tub.

Our question to you is “What are the results you’re looking to see from your soak today?”.

“I want to sleep better tonight”

How hot is a hot tub that helps you sleep better? According to an article on Women and Home written by  Miriam Habtesellasie, creating a soaking routine 90 minutes before you plan to go to bed will help you fall asleep around 10 minutes faster than average. The optimal temperature to soak in to help you fall asleep faster is 104 degree Fahrenheit. We suggest a 20 minute soak to help relax your mind and body before sleep. Scientific evidence proves that following these guidelines will aid in the circadian process, help you fall asleep faster, & help you get quality sleep to wake up refreshed.

“I want to feel energized in the morning”

Some of our best customers say they’ve now added hot tubbing to their morning routine to help them wake up refreshed. What does their water temperature look like? This one falls under personal preference. We suggest starting at 100 & experiment from there. Bring your coffee with you & soak in your spa for a quick 10-15 minutes to get your circulation increasing & blood flowing. This will help wake up your mind and body gently every morning.

“I want to recover from physical stress”

What is the optimal water temperature to help your body recover? Again, this is going to depend on what is comfortable for your body. We suggest starting at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and adjusting from there. If you find that you’re sweating after a tough workout, try lowering the temperature of your spa water to body temperature for a more comfortable soak. If you’re physical stress is from work, you may benefit from a higher temperature to create the “Ahhh” sensation. This will help relax your mind & body simultaneously. Soak in your spa for 15 minutes to recover from physical stress. If soaking after a work out, allow your body to fully cool down before enjoying a relaxing soak. This also goes for warming up your muscles for a workout or a run!

Overall, how hot a hot tub is will usually come down to personal preference & what results you’re looking to see from your soak that day. Listen to your body & it will tell you what it needs. Temperature preferences will also change with the seasons. On a warm summer day, you might find that your usual 102 degree soak to get you started in the morning may be bringing on a sweat while you’re getting ready for work. Try adjusting the temperature closer to body temperature to get the results you want. Creating a routine will help you incorporate hot tubbing into your everyday life and ultimately will help you live a better life every single day. We encourage all current & future hot tubbers to do their own research on hot tub temperature before soaking. If you have questions, contact your hot tub experts in New Jersey

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