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How Long Does A Hot Tub Last?

When considering making the investment to add a hot tub to your home and your lifestyle, you may wonder how long does a hot tub last? What is a hot tubs longevity?  The answer to this question is really going to come down to two things: The quality of the brand you choose and how well you maintain your hot tub over the years.

Generally speaking, a hot tub will last anywhere from 5-20+ years. We know, that’s a pretty large gap. Let’s talk about the two things that matter most when considering how long a hot tub lasts.


The Quality of the Brand you Choose

There are so many brands of hot tubs out there today, old and new. Each brand provides their own experience, model selection, and quality. Most reputable brands out there will have different options ranging from entry level up to premium choices. Usually, these hot tubs are built to last and are sold at a local Hot Tub Dealership in your area. However, we recommend doing your research on each brand you shop. Other brands that produce multiple consumer goods along with inexpensive hot tubs are sometimes sold online on ecommerce sites (Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot etc.) and offer a variety of models. Inexpensive brands sold online typically are looking to make money by selling products in volume. So, if you’re looking to purchase a temporary hot tub these websites might not be a bad choice for you. Again, we recommend doing your research on the brand your shopping for whether it’s online or at a hot tub dealership. Checking out customer reviews, hot tub blogs and forums, and researching the manufacturer are great places to start!

If you’re looking for a hot tub that’s going to last you an average of 15-20 years, you might want to consider purchasing from your local dealer to find a quality & reputable brand. If purchasing a quality brand, the amount of money you spend shouldn’t dictate the life expectancy. Quality brands, as said before, generally offer different tiers of hot tubs based on different features, water care systems & budget. No matter the tier, your hot tub longevity should not change much as long as it’s the same quality brand.

Check out our previous article on Why To Buy From A Hot Tub Store for more information on this topic.


How well you maintain the hot tub

This part is all up to you. How long a hot tub lasts really depends on how well you maintain it. The best way to increase the life expectancy? Use it everyday! Everyday use will create the habit of testing, keeping up with the chemicals, and cleaning your filters. If you want to use it everyday, it has to be maintained to do so! Also, it keeps your components in good health just like using a car often.

What does it mean to maintain your hot tub? Test your water, add chemicals that are needed, rinse filters often, using it, have it serviced when necessary, change the water when it’s required. Maintenance doesn’t have to be a challenge if you choose the right water care system for your needs.


How to increase the life expectancy of your hot tub

  • Frequent use: As we said before, frequent use helps keep everything running smoothly & creates a habit to maintain your water chemistry.
  • Clean & replace filters when necessary: Filters should be cleaned weekly and replaced when the pleats start to look unevenly spaced. Deep clean your filters with a filter cleaner monthly to remove unseen buildup.
  • Keep your pH level in the proper range: Too acidic and it can cause damage over time. To basic and it can cause build up over time.
  • Keep your hardness low: Keep the calcium level low to avoid calcium build up on your components.
  • Keep your chlorine level in the proper range: Chlorine at a high level can start to cause corrosion. Chlorine at a low level can cause a build up of unwanted bacteria.
  • Have your hot tub serviced at the first sign of anything unusual to avoid any unnecessary wear and tear
  • Maintaining and replacing your cover when it’s time: You can maintain your cover with our cover shield product in store and tarp your cover before heavy rain or snow to avoid any damage. When your cover is too heavy to lift, replace it before it causes damage to your lifting mechanism and the cabinetry.
  • Water changes: Change your water when your water care system requires. Salt water systems require a water change once per year while all other systems range from every 3-4 months.

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