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How To Install A Hot Tub In A Deck

Hot tub placement is key when planning your backyard oasis. You always want your hot tub to be as close as possible to your backyard so you’re more inclined to use it year round. What better area to install your spa than in your back deck? Installing your hot tub in or next to your deck can be aesthetically beautiful & convenient, too! So, let’s dive right in to how to sink a hot tub in a deck!

A Few Tips to Install Hot Tub In A Deck

1.) Sinking your hot tub into new construction is much easier than an existing deck. If you’re starting construction for your new deck & want to install a hot tub, make sure to have the base installed ASAP. This way, you can have your spa delivered & the deck built around it for the best results.

2.) Sinking your hot tub into an existing deck is do-able, however, has its challenges. Working with an experienced contractor and experienced delivery team is important to make this installation a success.

3.) Access to the service panel is extremely important. There are several ways to incorperate an access door to your plans. Discuss this with both your contractor and a hot tub wellness consultant.

4.) Keep your cover in mind. If you’re interested in a cover lifter, make sure you discuss this with your contractor to see how a cover lifter will work. In most cases, a cover lifter will only work on a partially sunken in installation or an off the deck installation. Cover lifters generally are not needed for a fully sunken in spa installation. Make sure you’re able to lock your cover to avoid it blowing away in a wind storm.

5.) One and done. Purchasing a quality hot tub for a custom install is also incredibly important. Having to remove a hot tub from a deck & find a new perfect fit is very challenging. So, buy right the first time and aim for quality.

6.) If you’re installing your hot tub ontop of your deck, make sure you have a contractor either build or inspect your existing deck to ensure it can hold the weight of a filled spa. For filled weight requirements, contact your wellness consultant.


Fully Sink Hot Tub in Deck

Fully sinking your hot tub into a deck can be a really beautiful option for folks who want to have minimal obstructions in their backyard. It’s important to measure your spa from the base to the top of the shell for the perfect fit. Your contractor will most likely pour a concrete slab at the perfect height to make sure the spa is nearly flush with the deck. Don’t forget to either leave a little room to be able to lock your cover or install cover clips on your decking. It’s important to be able to lock your cover to protect it. Sometimes, a fully sunken in hot tub can be a challenge to get in and out of without assistance. So, keep this in mind when deciding how to install your spa.



Partially Sink Hot tub in Deck

Partially sinking your hot tub into your deck is arguably one of the most convenient options. Why? Getting in and out of your spa is easier when you have around 16″ of the spa above your deck while the rest is below. You’re able to sit on the shell of the spa and swing your legs in or out. You can achieve a half sunken in look by having your contractor install a taller concrete base to lift the spa above the deck. Again, make sure to take careful measurements of the hot tub height. This installation is usually easier with new construction.



Side of Deck Installation

One of the least complicated installations is placing your spa on the side of your deck. This option can be done with an existing deck or new construction. All you really need is a base of your choice installed next to your deck. You can either access the spa from the ground off your deck, or remove a railing (with safety in mind) and access the spa from your deck.


Other Hot Tub Deck Installation Inspiration

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