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Moving A Hot Tub – What does it take?

You’ve decided to sell your home in this booming real estate market & you’re not quite ready to part with your hot tub. Or, maybe you’ve purchased a used hot tub from a friend. Regardless, you’re here because you need to know how involved moving a hot tub is. So, let’s get to it!


A plan needs to be created to move the existing hot tub to a new location. Below are some factors you need to plan for.

  1. Measurements: You’ll need to know the exact size of the hot tub (Length, Width, and Height) to make sure you can fit this hot tub in the new location. You’ll also need to measure any gate opening or other obstacles to make sure the hot tub will fit through openings while on its side. The worst thing that could happen is you get the hot tub to the new location and discover it won’t fit!
  2. Electrical connection: It’s important if you don’t understand electrical wiring to have an electrician disconnect your hot tub for you. This will prevent any damage to wiring if you plan on installing a new hot tub & will prevent any injury from electrical shock.

Moving A Hot Tub

What you’ll need:

  • A team of strong folks
  • A spa sled or spa dolly
  • Some plywood
  • A trailer
  • Ratchet straps
  • A vehicle capable of towing a trailer & hot tub


  1. Disconnect electric from hot tub.
  2. Empty hot tub.
  3. Lay down plywood to make a path to transport the hot tub to the truck.
  4. Get your spa sled or spa dolly ready next to the hot tub.
  5. Put hot tub on it’s side onto spa sled or spa dolly.
  6. Move hot tub along plywood path.
  7. Load onto trailer.
  8. Strap it down.
  9. Drive it to new location.
  10. Lay down plywood in new location.
  11. Put hot tub on spa sled or spa dolly.
  12. Push hot tub to new location.
  13. Slowly lower the hot tub off the spa sled or spa dolly onto the base of the hot tub.
  14. Adjust the position of the hot tub until satisfied.
  15. Connect electric & begin the start up process!


If all of this seems like a lot, it really is! That’s why we have a team of professionals dedicated to delivering, removing, and moving hot tubs. If you’d like to receive an estimate for moving a hot tub form one location to another, please give us a call (732) 424-0030 or inquire here.

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