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Our Best Tips To Hot Tub In Winter

Top Tips To Hot Tub In Winter

Your daily hot tubbing ritual doesn’t have to end once the temperatures drop. In fact, it’s one of the most enjoyable times to soak and relax when there’s not too much else to do! If you’ve never tried, we have the best tips to hot tub in winter months to ensure an enjoyable experience. If you have enjoyed hot tubbing in the winter but you’re looking for a better experience, keep reading! There are so many reasons to continue to hot tub in winter months, let’s dive right in!



Reasons to Hot Tub in the Winter

1.) Continue the benefits of hot tubbing year round: If you already own a hot tub, you already know how lifechanging that 30 minutes of “me time” is relaxing in your hot tub. Why deprive yourself of something that starts your morning off with clarity or ends your day with relaxation and destressing. Creating healthy habits is sometimes hard, so stick to your ritual with our top tips below.

2.) Keeps your hot tub happy and healthy: Not only does using your hot tub in winter months keep you healthy, but it also keeps your hot tub healthy. Just like any piece of equipment or machinery, keeping your hot tub filled & running is the best way to keep in optimal condition. Of course there’s always the option to have your local dealer winterize your hot tub if you aren’t going to be able to use your hot tub in the winter months. Proper winterization of your hot tub in winter months is very important – we highly recommend using your local dealer.

3.) A fun or relaxing winter activity: It’s not always easy to find activities to enjoy in the winter months. Whether you’re looking for something the whole family can enjoy, a date night for you and your spouse, or some much needed “me time” – a hot tub can provide that right in your backyard. Kids can have fun splashing around in the hot tub and making snow angels right after (also a great activity to tire them out for the night). Sneak out into the backyard with your loved one and enjoy some time together while the kids (or the dogs!) are asleep. After a long day of meetings, enjoy 30 minutes of pure relaxation to let go of the day’s stress or to reflect on projects you’re working on to gain some more clarity.

4.) Enjoy the outdoors while staying warm: For those folks who are avid hikers, beach goers, or enjoy anything that has to do with being outside – a hot tub is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in a new way. It’s hard being stuck inside for those of us working from home right now & being able to spend more time outside can really help your mental health during the dreary winter months. Check out the tips below on how to hot tub in winter!

Top Tips to Hot Tub in Winter

1.) Prepare your hot tub ahead of time: Before you change into your hot tub attire, head out to your hot tub and get it ready for your soaking session. Open the cover, turn on the lights and jets, connect your phone to the bluetooth music, and test the water to make sure all your levels are okay to soak. If any levels need adjusting, now is the time! If you needed to add any chemicals, wait about 15 minutes and test again.

2.) Invest in a Robe: You’ll want to have everything you need to make sure you’re comfortable and warm before getting in the hot tub and after. Investing in a nice ankle length heavy robe is a great way to make the trip to and from the hot tub easier (Hot Spring actually sells beautiful spa robes, ask your local dealer for more info).

3.) Bring your towels: This one is a little more obvious, but don’t forget to bring your towel out with you! Believe us, we’ve had plenty of hot tub soaks where we forgot the towel inside. This isn’t something you want to forget in the winter.

4.) Have a towel rack or large waterproof container: You’re going to need somewhere to put your hot tubbing accessories (towel, robe, etc.). A towel rack near your hot tub comes in handy to hang everything. Don’t have one? Bring out your hot tubbing accessories in a large waterproof sealed container to keep them dry in all weather conditions.

5.) Slippers or slip on boots: Keeping your feet dry, clean, and warm is so important when soaking in your hot tub in winter months. Slippers can be used when there is no snow on the ground or rain. For more extreme weather, boots are recommended to keep your feet dry and warm! You can store them under your steps to keep them dry!

6.) Bring a hat: When the weather gets too cold for your ears, bring a hat to your hot tubbing sessions. It’s usually an afterthought but your ears can actually ache from extremely cold temperatures. So, keep them warm while the rest of you is submersed in warm water to thoroughly enjoy your winter soaking experience.

7.) Shovel a path in the snow: During a snow storm, shovel a path to your hot tub every hour or so depending on snowfall. This makes it easier on your back and keeps your hot tub accessible throughout the storm if you decide to hot tub during the storm!

8.) Invest in a tarp for snowy weather: Putting a tarp over your hot tub cover is a great way to protect it from the elements. It’s also a great way for easy snow removal. Just take a big broom, sweep off the snow, and remove the tarp. Make sure to replace tarp again after you’re finished hot tubbing.

9.) Lock your cover after each use: Locking your cover will complete the seal to keep all the warmth inside your hot tub. This will help heat from escaping and keep your electrical costs down in the winter. It will also help hold your cover on in the event of a windy snow storm. You actually want to practice locking your cover year round to avoid any damage to your cover during storms.


We hope you’re able to enjoy your hot tub in winter months after reading this article. It’s truly a great way to enjoy family, a date night with your loved one, or spend some alone time during the cold winter months. You’d be surprised how enjoyable it is to relax in the warmth while enjoying a beautiful snowstorm or a clear starry sky at night. Enjoy a hot tub in New Jersey by contacting us today!

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