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Reconnect In A Hot Tub


February is a month of many nationally recognized awareness topics including black history month, heart health month, and even national cancer prevention month. February is also known as the month of love with Valentines Day as a recognized holiday to celebrate Love. Hot tubs & love go hand in hand so this month, we’re celebrating how hot tubs can help us reconnect with others, ourselves, and even with nature.

How Does A Hot Tub Help Us Reconnect?

Warm Water “We Live Dry & Recover Wet” is something that we live by here at HealthMate Hot Tubs. When we immerse ourselves in water, our mind and body come to life. Warm water immersion really does wonders for your mental and physical health and studies continue to discover endless benefits. How does warm water help us reconnect in our relationships? When we’re in warm water, we naturally feel safe & relaxed – and this can do so much for us and for our relationships. Feeling safe can allow us to lower that wall that we’ve had up all day at work. It can allow us to feel safe to open up to our partner about tough conversations. It can also help kids open up to their parents about school, friends, and maybe some tough conversations they’ve wanted to have. Lowering that boundary is important to truly connect with each other.

Distraction Free

Today with electronics becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, it almost feels impossible to disconnect from work and friends. The good thing about a hot tub? Electronics and water don’t mix well. This allows the hot tub to be a distraction free zone for meaningful conversations and connected. How much opportunity do we really have to connect with friends, family or our partner without technology interrupting? It’s very rare which can make connecting that much more challenging.

Date Night At Home – Convenience

Having a hot tub at home gives you the opportunity to have a date night any night of the week. No need to hire a baby sitter or spend $300 on a dinner and a movie. Get the kids to bed and go enjoy some real quality time in nature and reap all the physical and mental benefits of soaking in a hot tub daily.

Relaxation & Nature

The list of natural benefits from warm water immersion & hydrotherapy is truly endless. Sleep better, improve mental clarity, improved anxiety, decreased levels of depression, pain relief, increased circulation, muscle tension relief … just to start. When you feel better mentally and physically, you’re able to be more present in your every day which can help improve relationships. Being out in nature regularly also allows our mind and body to naturally reset which can sometimes put things in perspective for us to realize what’s truly important.

Start Reconnecting Today With A Hot Tub

If you’re looking for a place for you, your family, or even friends to retreat to for some reconnection, let us help you get started on your hot tub shopping journey. Our team of knowledgeable wellness consultants are here to help you from beginning to end in the shopping, planning, delivery, and ownership experience. Call us today to get started (732) 424-0030!

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