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Round Hot Tub or Square Hot Tub – Which Hot Tub is Better?

Round Hot Tub or Square Hot Tub – Which Hot Tub is Better?

Today, we’ll go over all the basics to help you decide if a round hot tub or a square hot tub is best for you and your backyard. We’ll cover everything from design, backyard fit, and functionality.

There are so many options you never thought you’d ever really think about when you started your hot tub shopping journey. The shape of your hot tub is definitely something you want to make the right choice about. So, round hot tub vs. square hot tub – which hot tub is better?

Fitting A Round Vs. A Square Hot Tub In Your Backyard

You can see in the diagram above an overhead view of each hot tub option in an illustrated backyard. This gives you a good idea spatially of how each will fit in a backyard setting. Generally, a square hot tub is going to fit more efficiently in a backyard as you can tuck it into a corner or have it flush up against your house or deck. A round hot tub can still fit into a corner or up against your house, however, there will be excess space in the corner or around the sides of the hot tub. Aesthetically, square hot tubs are usually the choice for this reason. If you’re sinking your hot tub into a deck, although a challenge for your contractor, the “extra space” isn’t a concern. So, it comes down to what you want your hot tub to look like in your backyard or how you’re planning to install it!

Seating Arrangement of Square Vs. Round Hot Tub

This is probably the most important part you want to consider when deciding between a round hot tub or square hot tub. You can see in the diagram above how 4 adults will fit in each type of hot tub. Although these two hot tubs are similar in gallonage, the seating arrangement in the round hot tub is a much tighter fit. This is simply because a square hot tub allows for adults to sit in the corners of the hot tub giving everyone more leg room. So, when it comes to seating comfort, the square hot tub wins every time.


Aesthetics of A Round Vs. Square Hot Tub

The last thought you want to consider when choosing between a round or a square hot tub is just personal preference. What do you like the best aesthetically? Do you prefer the look of a round or square hot tub? This is something you have to decide on your own. Also, weigh the other factors in to understand ultimately what your choice is. The photo above can give you a better idea of what a round hot tub looks like in a backyard vs. a round hot tub. However, we have an even better tool for you to help you decide below.

View A Round Vs. Square Hot Tub LIVE in Your Backyard 

Yes, you can actually virtually place a hot tub in your backyard on our FreeFlow hot tub brand website. Simply click on one of the links below & select “view in your space”. You’ll then be directed to pan the camera on your phone around your backyard and the true to size hot tub will appear on your screen in your backyard! You can move the hot tub around in your backyard to figure out the best placement and the best fit. It’s pretty cool & a really great tool to help you decide not only on what shape hot tub you prefer, but also which size hot tub will fit the best in the space you’re looking to add a hot tub.

View a round hot tub in your backyard

View a square hot tub in your backyard

Pro’s & Con’s – Round Vs. Square Hot Tub

For those who like to get to the point without having to read an entire article, let’s break down the Pro’s and Con’s of both round and square hot tubs. This will give you a quick glimpse of everything we’ve discussed in this article.

Round Hot Tub


Classic hot tub aesthetic

Can be configured into a custom deck



Doesn’t always fit perfect

Fits less people

Less leg room

Less seating options

Not many round options on the market

No Salt Water Options on Market


Square Hot Tub


More space for seating

Gives each person their own space

Fits more efficiently in spaces

Various square options available on the market

Salt Water Capability

Can be configured into custom deck



Might not be the look you’re going for



Best Round Hot Tub on the Market: FreeFlow Aptos

The Free Flow portable AHS roto-mold hot tubs are extremely portable & affordable. You simply have the hot tub delivered by your local Free Flow hot tub dealer, plug it into your outside electrical outlet, fill it with a hose, and turn it on! The set up is easy, they’re incredibly durable & built to last, and you can move them very easily. Some customers even choose Free Flow hot tubs for rental properties because of the affordability, durability, and customer experience.

These hot tubs are rotationally molded with acrylic creating a durable “unibody” that is incredibly strong & holds up in any weather. This manufacturing process is much more inexpensive & faster than hand built hot tubs which is why they’re more affordable than most other options.

The FreeFlow Aptos is one of the very few round hot tubs on the market that holds the durability, life expectancy, and ease of maintenance that is often desired by hot tub owners. Backed by a brand you can trust, Hot Spring Spas, you’re sure to have the experience and customer service you deserve as a hot tub owner. This is what sets this hot tub apart from every other round hot tub on the market.

Best Square Hot Tub on the Market: There are so many on the market that it was really hard to choose. Below are 3 of our favorites right now.

#1 Hot Spring’s Envoy 5 Person Hot Tub

Hot Spring is the leading innovator of the hot tub industry & has earned their spot as the #1 selling spa brand worldwide. It’s no wonder why these hot tubs are highly sought after & their customers rant and rave about how much they love their Hot Spring Spa. They have several lines throughout their brand with different designs, functions, insulation, and price points. Hot Spring is known for it’s full foam insulation that goes up to 60lbs (you’ll barely notice the change on your electric bill & it’ll last you nearly forever), along with their massage optionsperformancedesigncompetitive warranty and customer service

The Hot Spring Envoy hot tub is so versatile in its seating options, holds a little extra power than all other Hot Spring hot tubs, and has the high end design that is highly sought after today. Complete with a lounge that can fit both tall and short hot tubbers, a captains seat that will massage you from your neck to your finger tips to your toes, and the signature and exclusive to Hot Spring’s Moto-Massage.

#2 Hot Spot’s Relay 6 Person Hot Tub

This hot tub is popular among folks looking for a hot tub they can afford without compromising quality, performance, and life expectancy. The Hot Spot hot tubs are made by the makers of Hot Spring hot tubs. So, there’s no question about the quality behind the hot tub. The difference? Less bells, whistles, and frills with all the comfort, power, and ease of maintenance.

The Hot Spot Relay is complete with a lounge that can accommodate tall and short hot tubbers and 5 other up right seats that allow you to sit back and relax. There’s plenty of room for a group, or stretch out for a solo soak and enjoy soothing massage from neck to toe.

#3 Hot Spring’s Pulse 7 Person Hot Tub

Another Hot Spring Spa favorite, the Hot Spring Pulse. The Pulse is perfect for folks looking for a hot tub to accommodate a large family without taking up too much room on their patio. This spa sits at 7′ 5″ x 7′ 5″ and seats 7 adults comfortably. With 4 corner seats, two couples can enjoy a comfortable spacious soak. A full 5 year warranty allows you to feel safe knowing the brand backs what they sell & guarantees to make replacement parts for your hot tub for 20 years or longer. That’s not something many brands are able to say!


Hot Tub Shoppers Q & A

There are often a lot more questions that come up when shopping for a hot tub. The more research you do, the more questions you’ll have. Check out our Hot Tub Shoppers Q & A for the answers to all your hot tub related questions. If there’s something you don’t see the answer to, you can always feel free to give us a call (732) 424-0030 and ask for a wellness consultant. They’ll help guide you through the entire process from research all the way through your ownership experience one on one.

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