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Swim Spa Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a swim spa is actually easier than it may sound! Swim Spa maintenance has come a long way since their big debut around 10 years ago. Easier than a pool, a swim spas components are all located in one portable unit making it efficient & simple to maintenance.

So, let’s get to it – what are the top swim spa maintenance tips? Let’s take a deeper dive below!


Top Swim Spa Maintenance Tips

1.) Test Your Water Daily

To stay on top of your water care, make sure you test your water every day. This allows you to catch any water quality issues so you can handle it immediately.

2.) Clean Filters Weekly

To keep your swim spa in good health, clean your filters weekly. This allows your filters to keep you water cleaner & eliminates unnecessary strain on your swim spa components.

3.) Keep Up With Water Care Treatment

Make sure you are adding the necessary chemicals needed to keep your water clean and sanitized. If you’re missing one element of your water care system, your water will not be properly sanitized.

4.) Maintain Proper Water Level

Add water to your swim spa regularly to ensure the proper level of water is maintained.

5.) Change Your Water

Make sure to change your water as recommended by your local dealer or manufacturer’s owners manual. If your swim spa water just doesn’t seem to be as clear as it usually is, it’s probably time to do a water change.

6.) Winterize Your Swim Spa

If you’re leaving for the winter, make sure to have your local dealer winterize your swim spa. This is a very involved process & if not done properly, you could risk damaging your swim spa.

7.) Keep Up To Temperature

Keeping your swim spa at the optimal swim temperature is most efficient when you own a swim spa that is insulated properly. Decreasing & then increasing the temperature actually causes the heater to run more than it would to maintain a comfortable temperature.

8.) Keep Cover On

When you’re not using your swim spa, keep the cover on. This keeps it running efficiently & keeps any debris out.


Common Swim Spa Maintenance Questions

1.) How will I know what the water needs?

Your dealer will provide you with easy to read test strips. You’ll dip the test strip in & it’ll instantly show you where your water chemistry is at. If the color of any test squares are out of the “okay” zone, you’ll need to adjust your water chemistry. You can do this easily by reading the instructions on the chemicals needed to balance your water. Or, you can call your local dealer to assist! We’re here to help!

2.) Is it challenging to maintain a swim spa?

In the beginning you’ll go through a learning phase where you’ll need to take some time to understand your new swim spa (just like any new product you purchase!). However, after a few weeks of speaking with our team & learning on your own, it all becomes part of your routine!

3.) Is it expensive to maintain a swim spa?

This all depends on the brand you purchase, the type of water care system, the filtration system, insulation system, etc. So, if saving money is your concern, we recommend doing your research on the brands your considering.

4.) Is there an option for a water care maintenance service?

Absolutely! Our team of trained & certified hot tub and swim spa technicians can come weekly, biweekly, or monthly to help you maintain your swim spa. You can view the details here: Valet Service For Hot Tubs & Swim Spas.


If you have any more questions on Swim Spa Maintenance Tips, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our swim spa professionals are a phone call away to help you with any questions you have! We pride ourselves on our customer service & make sure to take time with each and every question you have. Call us today (732) 424-0030.

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