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Swim Spa Vs Pool – Which Should You Choose?

Since their introduction over a decade ago, swim spas have been growing in popularity among home owners. Why are swim spas gaining popularity over pools? Affordability, lower maintenance costs, year round use, and easier maintenance overall. Wondering whether a swim spa or a pool is right for you and your backyard? Lets compare a Swim Spa Vs Pool side by side to help you decide which to choose.

Swim Spa Vs Pool



Swim Spas: How Much Does a Swim Spa Cost?

Entry Level & Midrange Swim Spas: $25,000 – $45,000

Premium Larger Swim Spas: $45,000 – $70,000


The average family spends between $28,000 and $55,000 on a pool installation that can only be used 4 months out of the year. (Homeguide.com)


Backyard Situation

Swim Spas: Swim spas generally require a small space to be installed in your backyard. Therefore, they’re an ideal solution for folks who want a pool but maybe cannot fit one in their backyard. They’re also a great solution for those who are not allowed to dig for a pool in their backyard.

Pools: Have a large backyard? The sky is the limit for you! Pools generally need a larger backyard area in order to accommodate the size of a pool and also the machinery needed to dig for a pool.



Swim Spa: The installation of swim spas are less invasive than a pool. All you need is a concrete slab, or in some cases locking gravel, and an outdoor electrical subpanel. Adding decking around your swim spa is also a nice option to add ease of use & aesthetic to your backyard. However, this is not necessary if you want to save on costs. All pumps & heaters are self contained in a swim spa eliminating the need to install a spa pack in another area of your yard.

Pool: Installing a pool usually requires major construction in your backyard & it’s a very permanent option. Large machinery, underground plumbing, and electrical installation is generally required for a pool installation. Separate “pump packs” are also required to install somewhere in order for your pool to operate.



Swim Spa:

Weekly water care maintenance

Rinse filters

Every 4-6 months 1/2 dump and refill

Pool: (list provided by Homeguide.com)

Weekly Water Care Maintenance

Backwash Filter

Clean out skimmer baskets

Clean out pump basket

Clean out pool cleaner bag

Skim surface of pool

Vacuum pool

Brush pool walls

Open pool for spring

Winterize pool for winter



Swim Spas: Year round swimming

Pools: 4-5 months out of the year in North East region.


Maintenance Costs

Swim Spa: $126/ mo on average

Chemicals: $32/mo on average

Energy: $50/mo on average

Necessary Maintenance (yearly cleaning): $350

Repairs: $195/year on average

Pool: $252/ mo on average

Chemicals: $47/mo on average

Energy: $83/mo on average

Necessary maintenance (opening & closing pool & cleaning): $750-$1,500/year

Repairs: $350/year on average


It’s no secret why Swim Spas have rapidly gained popularity in American’s backyards. Less maintenance, less money, year round swimming, & affordability have been major deciding factors when comparing a swim spa vs. pool. Want to learn more about our Endless Pools Swim Spas? Visit our Swim Spas page for information on our brand, models, and general knowledge!

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