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The Best Hot Tub Manufacturers – Why They’re Different

The Best Hot Tub Manufacturers – Why They’re Different

Knowing the difference between a quality hot tub brand and a cheap brand is so important when starting your hot tub shopping journey. Just like any other consumer product, there are reasons why some hot tub manufacturers are better than others. Purchasing a hot tub isn’t a short term investment, this is something that you want for the long run. Finding the right balance of quality, longevity, experience, and cost is important when choosing a hot tub manufacturer. So, let’s go over what makes the best hot tub manufacturers different. After reading this article, you should feel confident in starting your search for the best hot tub manufacturer for you!

Reasons the Best Hot Tub Manufacturers Are Different

1.) Focus on quality

The best hot tub manufacturers usually have a laser focus on quality in various aspects. They want to create a quality design that provides a beautiful aesthetic, optimal functionality, and the best user experience. There’s also a major focus on quality engineering to create the best hot tub product on the market. This would include materials and parts used to build their hot tubs, energy efficiency, the quality of their features, water care systems, and the overall longevity of the hot tub. The best hot tub manufacturers always have quality on their minds with every part of the manufacturing process.

2.) Focus on user experience

What is a good manufacturer without happy customers? The best hot tub manufacturers put their customers first when creating and improving their products. In fact, the best companies often take their customers feedback very seriously. In the hot tub world, this involved providing the most comfortable hot tubbing experience, the best massage experience, the best & most relevent features, and the best maintenance experience. Maintenance is probably the #1 thing the best manufacturers focus on most because they know this is the biggest challenge when it comes to hot tubbing. The easier the experience for you, the happier you’ll be!

3.) Offer a competitive warranty

When creating a quality product, manufacturers usually aren’t shy to offer a strong and competitive warranty. When spending a decent amount of money on a product, customers want some kind of guarantee. If something goes wrong, you want to know you’ll be taken care of. If you can’t find the warranty online, call and ask for it. This is something that’s so important to know before purchasing a product. The industry standard for warranty is 2-5 years. Make sure you read every detail of the warranty.

4.) Have years experience in the industry

A great manufacturer often has several years experience in the industry that brought them where they are today. With years of experience, most of the small issues & kinks have been worked out. They should know what works and what doesn’t. This also gives you comfort knowing they’ve been around for a while for good reason.

5.) Always seeking to innovate

Most of the best manufacturers are always looking to come up with the next best thing. This shows they’re passionate about what they do and they want to keep pushing the limits of what makes their hot tubbing experience the best! What does this mean for you? Better massages, easier water care maintenance, longer life expectancy, lower operation costs, and overall a better experience.

6.) Have a solid reputation

This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the best hot tub manufacturers. Like we said before, what is a good hot tub manufacturer without happy customers? Well… not good! Want to know if a hot tub manufacturer is great? Do some research on their reputation. We’re not talking about going on the brand website, or paid “review” websites like consumeraffairs.com. Do your research by seeing what actual owners have to say about the product on hot tub blogs and facebook groups. Another great uncensored place to look is local dealers google & yelp listings. See what their customers have to say about the dealer & their product.

7.) Outstanding customer service because they care

The best hot tub manufacturers care about their customers & are there when they need them. This goes back to customers being the #1 focus. Try giving the hot tub manufacturer’s customer service number a call & see what happens. Can you get through? Are you able to speak to a real person? We’re they helpful? Ask them what they think of the product.

8.) Practice what they preach

Are they passionate about what they do? Passion drives purpose and success. Is the hot tub manufacturer you’re leaning towards following through on their promises? Again, a great place to check is real reviews from real people. Also, do they own one of their own hot tubs? Ask them about their experience! It’s a great way to learn about their products & about the brand!

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