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The Truth About Salt Water Hot Tubs

6 truths & Myths about Salt Water Hot Tubs! Hot Spring & Caldera are currently the only hot tubs in the industry capable of converting to a salt water hot tub. These two manufacturers have successfully innovated the Freshwater Salt System to operate seamlessly with most of their hot tub models for over 10 years now.

Truth: Softer Soaking Experience

Yes, it’s true, salt water hot tubs give you a softer and more pleasant soaking experience. Have you ever taken an Epsom salt bath? If so, you know the positive effects salt can have on your skin. Although our salt water hot tubs do not use Epsom salt, you will have similar effects. Your skin will actually feel softer after soaking in the hot tub. You won’t have that dry itchy feeling that you usually experience with traditional chlorine hot tubs.

Myth: Salt Systems cause corrosion in hot tubs. Our exclusive Freshwater Salt Systems require a lower concentration of salt than your tears hold, actually 1/2 the amount to be exact. This amount of salt is so minimal that it will not cause corrosion to your hot tub. Around 80% of our Hot Spring & Caldera hot tubbers currently use our salt system & have nothing but great things to say! The only hot tub additive that can corrode your hot tub is a very high concentration of chlorine. So, don’t add too much chlorine & don’t keep your salt system in high use mode if you are leaving for vacation.

Truth: Natural production of Chlorine

The Hot Spring & Caldera Freshwater salt system produces a natural chlorine from the added salt & H2O. You are able to control the amount of natural chlorine your hot tub produces by adjusting the output level. The higher the number, the more chlorine your hot tub is going to produce to sanitize the hot tub. This means you’re adding less bottled chemicals & minimizing the use of harsh non-caking agents & other chemicals that are found in most bottled chlorine.

Myth: Salt water hot tubs are chlorine free. They are not chlorine free, they produce their own chlorine in a more pure state. In order for a hot tub to have proper sanitation you either need chlorine or bromine. If you don’t have either one of those two sanitizing agents in your hot tub, your hot tub is not being properly sanitized. Often times, a chlorine or bromine system is paired with a mineral cartridge, ozone, or a UV ray light for added sanitation. Chlorine has been proven to be less harmful to your body. The use of bromine has been linked to thyroid issues.

Truth: Easier Maintenance

The maintenance for a salt water system is truly life changing. If you’ve owned a hot tub before, you know how time consuming water care keep up can be without the proper water care system. This system makes maintenance a “no brainer”. You will have steady sanitation in your hot tub that is customized to your use & will keep your water crystal clear 24/7. Yes, it does take a couple of weeks to get used to the system. Once you have it figured out, you’re going to thank the hot tub gods for such a painless water care system. Your Hot Spring or Caldera spa will even give you alerts on your control panel to clean your filters, replace your salt cartridge, or to check your salt level if it’s a little low.

Myth: Salt water hot tubs are maintenance free. Just like any other working product you own, there is always going to be maintenance involved. Although our salt water hot tubs are not maintenance free, they require less maintenance than every other water care system on the market.

Truth: Clean scent

Unlike most water care systems, your salt water system is working 24/7 to keep your hot tub water sanitized. This keeps your water crystal clear & free of bacteria. Our customers notice their hot tub doesn’t have a musty smell like most hot tubs and actually has a clean pleasant scent when they open their hot tub cover.

Truth: Save Water

This is a big one for all of our environmentalists out there. We all know how important water conservation is & if you’re feeling guilty about wanting to own a hot tub, you can take a deep breath. Not only are Hot Spring & Caldera hot tubs the most energy efficient in the industry, they also have worked hard to find a solution to decrease water consumption. Built in California, this was something that was very important to their community. With a salt water system, you can keep the same water in your hot tub for a year or longer. The average water care system requires a dump and refill at least 4 times per year.

Myth: Salt will build up in your hot tub leading you to cleaning the hot tub more. The minimal amount of salt in the water is barely noticeable in every way. There is no need to clean your hot tub in a specific way just because you have a salt water system. This was an odd one for us, but felt we should address this.

Truth: Less Plastic Used & $$$ Saved

Another one for our fellow earth lovers out there. With less chemical use, you’re going through less plastic bottles of chemicals & saving the environment a little more. You’re also not emptying your wallet on chemicals to keep your hot tub clean & balanced.

Myth: Salt Water systems are so expensive. The upfront cost for a salt system is $799 & then a years supply of cartridges is roughly $350. However, you are eliminating the cost of the daily chemicals that your average mineral or UV system needs for proper sanitation. These daily chemical costs really do add up. You never need to replace your salt system annually like a UV system, saving you a lot of money. Also, there are several promotions a year where you can get a Freshwater Salt System as a free add on with your purchase. Keep an eye our on our monthly promotions.

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