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Top 10 Hot Tub Tips

Top 10 Hot Tub Tips

We’ve put together our top 10 hot tub tips below to help make your hot tubbing experience even more enjoyable!

1.) Use your hot tub every day

Using your hot tub daily will help you sleep better, decrease stress levels, increase oxygen to your muscles, take pressure off your joints, and give you the “me time” you need to live the best version of yourself every day. 

2.) Rinse your filters every week

Rinsing your filters weekly is important to help them clean your hot tub water efficiently, keeps the strain off your components, and lengthens the life span of your filters. You can also purchase our FreshWater Filter Cleaner for a monthly deep clean to remove any built up debris.

3.) Keep your hot tub up to temperature

Keeping your hot tub to temperature allows you to use your hot tub at any moment of the day. This is also the most energy efficient way to run your hot tub. If you lower your temperature and then increase it when you’re ready to use it, your heater will be working harder to heat your water and may run up your electric bill.

4.) Drain & Refill your water

You should drain & refill your hot tub water regularly. For Salt Water systems, this should only be done one time per year. For all other water care systems, you should drain and refill your hot tub every 3-4 months. How do you know when it’s time? Your hot tub water won’t look as “crisp” and clear as it usually does. If you’d like us to drain and refill your hot tub for you, call us & schedule your Spa Maintenance.

5.) Tarp your hot tub before a snow storm

This isn’t absolutely necessary, however, it makes it easier to clean the snow off your hot tub for you to use! If you’re not planning on using the hot tub in the snow storm, the tarp will prevent water from absorbing into your hot tub cover. This will help lengthen the life of your cover.


A BIG DON’T! Pool chemicals are designed to treat LARGE bodies of cold water effectively. Hot tubs are very small vessels compared to pools and the chemicals are designed for small bodies of warm water. All of your hot tub chemicals can be either picked up from our store or ordered and delivered to your front door.

7.) Use one bathing suit

Noticing a lot of foam or bubbles in your hot tub water? There’s actually nothing in your hot tub that creates bubbles – except your bathing suit! Your clothes smell so nice after washing because of detergents stuck in the fibers of your clothing. These “smell good” particles of detergent are released when you soak in your hot tub with a bathing suit and create a backyard washing machine! So, designate one bathing suit per family member and do not wash your bathing suit with detergents. Your suit is being cleaned when you use the hot tub. If you already have foam and need help getting rid of it, use our Defoamer product, scoop out the foam, shock your hot tub with some di-chlor, & give your filters a good rinse.

8.) Test your hot tub water often

The saying goes “If your water looks good and smells good, it is good”. However, you still want to make a habit to use your 5-way instant reading test strips to make sure your chlorine, Ph, alkalinity, and hardness levels are in the safe zone. Testing once per day a little while before use is always best. This way, if your water chemistry needs to be balanced, you can take care of it before your soak.

9.) For Salt Water users

A few tips for our Salt Water hot tubbers. Avoid using the “boost” feature, this runs your cartridge out much faster than 4 months. If you need an extra chlorine boost, either increase your output level or shock your hot tub with a little chlorine. Play with your output level to find your perfect number. If you notice you don’t have enough chlorine, increase your output level. If there is a high reading of chlorine, decrease your output level. You’ll eventually find the number that works for you. The day before having friends or family over, increase your output level to 10 to keep up with the bathing load. *Don’t forget to turn it back down to its normal level the day after your family gathering*. TEST FOR PHOSPHATES: Notice your water is not holding a chlorine reading like it should or your cartridge isn’t lasting 3-4 months? You may have phosphates in your water. You can purchase a test kit in our store or bring your water in for a water test. If you have phosphates in your water, there is an additive you can purchase to help remove phosphates. Need help? Call (732) 424-0030.

10.) Tennis balls

Yes, you read that right. Add a tennis ball to your water to help absorb oils, lotions, and soaps from bathing suits. Probably one of the most bizarre hot tub tips we have for you! This isn’t to replace chlorine or any other sanitation, but to help keep your water free of any scum. We’re not sure of the science behind this, but it works!

Have more questions about Hot Tub Maintenance? Visit our Hot Tub Maintenance FAQ’s blog.

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