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What Size Swim Spa Should I Choose?

Planning your backyard swim spa installation typically starts at figuring out what size is the best choice for you and your backyard. Choosing the right swim spa size is really important when it comes to your backyard goals, how you plan to use it, and what your budget looks like. In today’s Let’s Soak article, we’re hitting all the important parts of helping you figure out “What Size Swim Spa Should I Choose?”.

Swim Spa Sizes

Swim Spas typically range from 13′19′. There are also options out there called Dual Temp Swim Spas that provide a hot tub & swim spa in one unit.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Size

Your Backyard: Is it small? Big? Do you want it to be the focal point?

What is your backyard situation? In smaller backyard situations, it’s important to figure out the size swim spa your backyard can accommodate. Some folks decide to make the swim spa the focal point and choose a 17′-19′ swim spa because of the year round capabilities. Other folks decide they still want to have a yard even with a swim spa installed and decide to choose a 13′-14′ swim spa. For larger backyards, the sky is really the limit when it comes to choosing a swim spa size – if your budget allows. You’ll also want to check with your town about lot coverage and permits needed.


How Do You Plan To Use It: Exercise? Recreation? Relaxation? Parties? All of the Above?

What are your goals when it comes to swim spa use? Are you looking to add one to your backyard for exercise purposes? In this case, you want to purchase a unit that’s 17′ or larger. Why? Because this will allow you plenty of room to swim without hitting the back of the swim spa. However, we always recommend a test swim to be sure!


Do you want the whole family & even friends to have somewhere to hangout, year round? If recreation is your goal, it’s really up to you what size you want to go with. We would recommend either a 14′ or larger depending on how many people you plan to have in the swim spa at one time. If you’re the entertainment home, we would recommend 17′ – 19′.


Or, is it for the relaxation therapeutic benefits of water immersion? If you’re looking to just get into water year round, you don’t have to go crazy with size unless you want to. For relaxation purposes, you don’t need anything more than a 13′ swim spa. It’s basically an oversized hot tub that you can swim in!


All of the above? You may want to consider a “Dual Temp Swim Spa”. These Swim Spas have a hot tub and swim section in one unit, separated by the shell. It’s a great option for those who are between getting a hot tub and swim spa or really want both! Plenty of room for swimming & recreation with the capability of having a 104 degree hot tub to relax in as well.


What Does Your Budget Look Like: The larger the swim spa, the more money it costs.

One very important aspect of choosing a swim spa size is your budget. How much money do you have set aside for the unit itself, not including pad installation and electric? The larger the swim spa, the larger the price tag. The most affordable option is going to be a 13′ unit and the most expensive being a high end 19′ unit. So, get a realistic idea of what your budget looks like & figure out your options regarding size from there!



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