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How Long Do Hot Tubs Last?

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If you’ve found our page, you’re probably starting, or in the middle of, your hot tub shopping journey. Let’s face it, you’re about to make not only an investment for your health & well being, but financially for your home as well. We’re here to help you understand how long a hot tub lasts to help you make the best decision for yourself & for your home. Let’s dive in!

So, how long do hot tubs last? Our short answer, 3-25 years. So, if you’re looking for a quick answer – there it is! Why such a large gap? There are several variables that decide longevity – and these are the important things to pay attention to when shopping!

Hot Tub Longevity Factors

Hot Tub Type

The type of hot tub you purchase is going to play a role in the longevity. Some are just built to last longer than others. There are several types including inflatable hot tubs, rotationally molded hot tubs, Portable acrylic hot tubs, in ground hot tubs, and wooden ones. Generally, portable acrylic spas are going to last more towards the 10-25 years while an inflatable type is going to last 3 years or less.


Although the type of hot tub you purchase will largely help determine the longevity, the quality is probably the #1 variable in determining the lifespan. What determines the quality? There are a lot of factors & you may find more help in our “Hot Tubs To Avoid” article. Overall you want your hot tub to: be very well insulated with 2lb foam or higher, have a solid thick acrylic self supportive shell, PVC or 2″x3″ treated wood framing, a lot of filtration, corona discharge ozone or salt water water care system.

Aside from the specific details, you also want to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable brand that has ample experience in the industry. Check out real user reviews online, in blogs, and local dealer google pages. Real reviews are a great way to determine real life experience with the product. They should also have local dealers that provide all the post purchase and delivery services throughout the lifetime of your hot tub. Check out our article Best Place To Buy A Hot Tub for more details on this!

How Well You Take Care of Your Hot Tub

Just like any product you purchase, hot tubs need to be taken care of and maintained to keep it in good condition. They like to be used, and regular use keeps you healthy & your spa healthy.

What does hot tub care look like? Using your spa daily, treating it with any required water care treatment daily/weekly/monthly, cleaning your filters weekly, and refreshing the water in the required timeframe. Following these steps will keep your spa in good health.

Where you live

Being a spa dealer in New Jersey, we get to experience all weather types in all 4 seasons. It’s bitter sweet, especially when it comes to hot tubbing! There’s nothing quite like staying warm in 102 degree water in a 30 degree snow storm. However, the elements do take a toll on any outdoor equipment, including your spa.

This is where it’s important to keep using your hot tub to keep all of the components running & in good health, just like your car! You also want to make sure you purchase a quality spa built to withstand the elements. It’s important to look at the insulation (2lb & up), the material of the cabinet & shell (composite cabinet & thick acrylic shell), the quality of the cover (reinforce vinyl & thick foam), and the quality of the heater (heats water quickly & efficiently).

How Long Do Hot Tub Parts Last?

Jet Pumps & Heaters

Jet pumps & heaters typically last 8-10 years or longer. Again, it’s important to make sure you water chemistry is balanced, you’re taking proper care of your spa, and you purchased a spa with high quality jet pumps & heaters built to withstand regular  use. Make sure to fully understand the warranty on these parts as well.


Jets will also typically last around 8-10 years depending on proper maintenance & the quality of the unit you purchased. To keep your jets in good condition it’s important to make sure your chlorine/bromine levels are always in a “normal” range as well as your pH & Alkalinity levels. When these levels get out of balance, your water can become acidic and start to damage hot tub parts.


Your filters should be regularly cleaned every week or bi-weekly to maintain efficiency. If they’re not regularly cleaned, build up will occur and puts serious strain on the filters, jet pumps, and heater. That being said, paper filters should last about 1-2 years and ceramic filters should last about 3-4 years.


The life expectancy of a cover will greatly vary based on where you live. Covers that are exposed to heat, cold, rain, sun, and snow will generally last around 4-5 years. Covers that are in more stable dry climates can last up to 8-10 years!


Pillows are going to need to be replaced no matter which hot tub you purchase. These are a replaceable part just like covers. If you wipe them down regularly & keep your water chemistry balanced, they’ll last you around 5 years. If your chlorine/bromine, pH, and alkalinity levels become unbalanced for an extended period of time, your pillows will start to deteriorate from the acidity.

Watercare Systems

Ozone: Your ozone system, if it’s a top quality corona discharge ozone system, should last you around 7 years. No maintenance really needs to be done on these systems.

Salt Water: This system should last you about the same as the ozone, around 7-10 years. This is in regards to the electrical part of the system. Your salt cartridges need to be replaced every 4 months as regular water care maintenance.

UV Ray: This system required a bulb replacement every year.

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