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Is Costco A Good Place To Buy A Hot Tub?

Is Costco A Good Place To Buy A Hot Tub?

“Why Are Costco Hot Tubs So Much Cheaper?” “I Found The Same Hot Tub At Costco For Half The Price.” “What’s The Difference Between Your Hot Tubs & Costco?” Are just a few of the questions we face daily when speaking to potential hot tub customers. Ever since online shopping became big over a decade ago, big retailers & mass merchants have been trying to enter the hot tub market and have typically been unsuccessful. The prices are almost too good to say no, and with a lack of hot tub education, it seems like the right choice. But, is Costco a good place to buy a hot tub? Let’s dive into the realities of purchasing a hot tub from Costco & other Mass Merchant companies.


Why Are Costco Hot Tubs So Much Cheaper?

Lack of Quality

This is simple, how do you make a cheap hot tub? You use cheap parts & materials. Just like most products we purchase, when prices are too good to be true, it usually is. When it comes to building a hot tub, there are a lot of areas where manufacturers can cut corners. The quality, thickness, and materials used to build the hot tub shell is usually compromised. The quality of jet pumps, heaters that never seem to keep up, and electronics that burn out create stress. And possibly the most important part, the lack of insulation and high number of jets in the hot tub lead to operation costs that could have paid for a better quality hot tub in just one year.

High Volume & Profit Focused

Ultimately, a mass merchants goal is to sell as much product as possible to make the best profit. Their goal isn’t to maintain the best customer service, sell the absolute best products, or provide you with the best experience. To their defense, there are just far too many products to be able to live up to those standards. Their focus is on the initial purchase of the product and not about the experience for the customer after the purchase is made. So, how do they make the best profit? They purchase the absolute cheapest hot tubs & sell them at prices that are half the price of their competitors. That’s a pretty cheap hot tub!

What Is The Purchasing & Service Experience Like?

Minimal Support

From the point of purchase through the ownership experience, you are pretty much left on your own to figure everything out. First, the customer has no idea what they’re actually purchasing because there aren’t dedicated hot tub sales reps to answer any questions about the product. Next, the customer has no idea how to prepare for the hot tub like what type of hot tub base you’ll need, the electrical requirements, accessories you’ll need, what water care products you’ll need, town code requirements – the list is endless. Not to mention, you don’t have a dedicated team to call when you start to see the endless list of questions that come up after the hot tub is dropped off in your driveway.

Minimal Or No Service After Purchase

When you purchase a hot tub from a mass merchant, you don’t have a service and delivery team standing behind you during & after the purchase. Who is going to hand deliver your hot tub and help you set it up? Who is going to go over how to operate the hot tub and maintain the water? Who is going to service your hot tub during & after your warranty period? Typically, you’re left to figure these things out on your own. Some folks prefer to figure things out on their own. However, most will find out that hot tubs are a bit more of a complex product where guidance from a local dealer can really help you have a successful hot tub ownership experience.

You may be spending upwards of $3,000 dollars less on purchasing these cheap Costco hot tubs. However, this cheap purchase will end up being one of the most expensive $5,000 you’ll spend when you take into account the ownership expenses after the purchase.

Why Purchase From A Local Hot Tub Dealer?

With the guidance of a small locally owned hot tub business, you can rest assured that our goal is to make sure you have a quality hot tub that you’ll love to use everyday. At HealthMate Hot Tubs, we want you to have the best quality hot tub, the best water, the best experience, and we want you to buy a hot tub that treats your money better. After all, our entire reputation depends on the happiness and satisfaction of every single one of our customers.

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